Batman, Nightwing, 3Robins, Batgirl & Batwoman Art By Kyle Smart

Ever heard of Wave 9? They're a group of talented young artists who have banded together to show off their talent. Among them is Kyle Smart, who obviously has a love for geeky things too.

I'd been searching for some decent Nightwing fan art to show off for a change, and stumbled across a few posts about the image below. What none of those posts mentioned was that the Nightwing picture was one of a series that encapsulated a whole Bat-Family! Shame there's no Steph or Cassie, but this was more about the visually striking than a complete collection of everyone who ever wore the Bat-logo.

I don't believe that these are available as actual posters, which is a real shame. But I would so love to see these on my wall... Especially Nightwing ;)

Batman By Kyle Smart
Nightwing By Kyle Smart
Red Hood By Kyle Smart
Red Robin By Kyle Smart
Robin By Kyle Smart
Batgirl By Kyle Smart
Batwoman By Kyle Smart

If you like these, then don't forget to check out Wave 9 on tumblr where you can find Kyle Smart and his collaborators.

Posted by Icarusflies

These are gorgeous! I particularly like the Nightwing and Damian ones.

Posted by RoboShark

Wow, really cool. Didn't expect Hood in there. I think Damian and Batwoman are my favorites.

Posted by sora_thekey

I know Batwoman is gay but maaan! She looks hot!

Posted by xerox_kitty

@RoboShark: Sadly I couldn't fit all their names in the Blog title... but I'm glad you liked seeing JT there too :)

@Icarusflies: Yeah, I don't like Damian but I love this rendition. You can almost see the disdain with his hunter's interest.

@sora_thekey: I wish I could look that striking while kicking the snot out of bad guys ;)

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Now those are...amazing! Those would seriously look wonderful all over the walls of my room. ::waves arms around violently like Stewie Griffin:: I want them!

Posted by kidchipotle


Posted by TheGoldenOne
Awesome stuff :)
Posted by haydenclaireheroes

All of them were great. I wish we could get to see more art like this

Posted by Enemybird

I would love to see batwoman on my wall

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

I love this kind of art.

Posted by luke_kerridge

Quite disappointed when you said you didn't think they were available as posters

Posted by NVX4444

They're really good

Posted by John Valentine

Love them. Love this minimalistic poster style, it's fantastic.