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Bad writing is the villain! That is always the case, eh?

Anyway, I agree with the OP. Also Hi everybody! I'm new.

It's the little things that make this story awful. As previously mentioned, what does Cap plan to do with Hope anyway? If only they gave us a hint, something that the X-Men themselves wouldn't be able to do (which is the really important part), then maybe we'd understand Cap more. Consulting with Wolverine, the one thing they showed, is a very, very poor choice as we all know Wolverine intends on killing Hope, as he has shown he doesn't care for her at all (doesn't bother to get to know her) and even tells here in Gen Hope that eventually, he is going to have to kill her. So barging in to Utopia, with an unknown plan, bringing a helicarrier full of superheroes ready for an attack... what does that say? What has Cyclops and the X-Men done at this point that warrants that force, that threat on their doorstep?

But he's under orders. Under orders from who? The US government (pardon me, i'm not being political here but since the government was mentioned earlier..) OK. So now their government has a say in another country's (Utopia) problems. That makes it even worse. You're now going to detain an innocent (because she hasn't done anything yet at this point), and getting to her with force if you need to. So that's an act of war. Cyclops may have fired the first shot, and it makes him look bad to the readers, but it would have gotten to that even if he didn't. Both of them were going to force each other's hands.

Then when the Phoenix 5 got their powers... There was a page where it showed a group of Avengers reporting in to Cap. "Hey we're getting our asses kicked by these villains and look who shows up, phoenixed-out Colossus!" Cap asks what happens next and the group says colossus "Talked with the villains". Talked. Not even crushing them. Talked. And the result was they get free electricity. And what was his reaction to this? He was so disappointed. And goes back (next page) to his team and asks for a plan of action. To which Beast suggests is it better to do something at this point that to do nothing, to which they object which forces Beast to leave the group.

Then the UN meeting. Iron Man was ready to tell the president what happened in the meeting and was going to tell it with his own bias (that's why black panther stopped him). So black panther stopped him, and was actually not really against what the phoenix 5 was about. But the president said that everyone has to be accountable to their actions. So they have to stop them. And now there's a problem to this too! This decision was made in that room alone. The Phoenix 5 was a problem for the WORLD. But they decided to take care of it themselves. For poorer countries this was a great thing, as Black panther alluded on his dialogue on this page. But nope, they have to answer to someone, and that's that. And that has got to be us, the government, the avengers.

It's baaad writing. However, the end result is they're making the X-Men, not in the least Cyclops, to be the villains here, when it was clearly not. All of this mess, including splitting the phoenix, was the Avenger's fault.

And now the Avengers are out of time, as Iron Man keeps saying (I need more time!), while they could have come up with a better plan while not poking the Phoenix and letting it do it's thing for a while. Nope. Captain America needs a plan of action. Good thing he didn't mean a plan of action with substance.