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Achilles' hand brushed across the cool marble surface of his mother's face, the woman he still held dear, he knew she always loved him unlike his father. Maybe that was what made him the man he was today, if only she could see where he was today, it would bring a tear to her eye, and probably not for the right reasons. She had died when he was seventeen, twelve years ago, though he was saddened by her passing it was not in him to shed a tear, it hadn't been in him to cry at all, not since he was a child. The crypt was cold but not damp, over the years it had been well kept, and the moonlight that seeped in through the glass ceiling resonated off the marble walls keeping the place bright. It was a silent place, a place to think, over the years he had lost many, a mother, a father, a wife, a son... the list goes on. Though he was not really sad for them, it shaped him into the man he was today, a cold heartless shell.
The com link buzzed and through came the voice of the faithful butler Albert 'the undying', he was well int the hundreds by now for sure thought Achilles. "Dinner is served master" was the message passed by an old frail voice that used to be a comfort to a young Achilles. The CEO of Wallace Enterprises did not reply, nor did Albert wait for one, it had been many years since a thank you was uttered past the twenty nine year old's lips. His hand retracted from the frame of his marble mother as he stepped down from the platform she was held upon and left the crypt, grabbing an umbrella on the way out. It was pouring down outside, not that you'd be able to tell from inside the crypt without looking up as it is entirely soundproofed from inside out. He let the umbrella up and in the darkness a light appeared, around the rim of the umbrella weaved into the material were tiny lights, perfect for sophisticated night goers, and on it was the insignia for Wallace Enterprises. 
As he walked down the stone steps motion sensors lit up his path, telling the outside lights where he was, allowing him a smooth journey cutting through the cold darkness. During this time on the twelfth anniversary of his mothers death he could not help but reminisce. It was back then that it all started going down, crime rates were at an all time high, and his father was hated, his radical ideas had gotten him into deep trouble, with the company signed off to William, Achilles older brother, Scott had nothing but politics, he gave up the superhero career to an older version of himself that had given his life to save the Earth. All of Scott's plans had turned against him but before he was kicked out of the House of Parliament he managed to sign some very powerful documents that put the power of the government back into the hands of the royal family, giving King William his rightful power, at the same time as signing an agreement that the Wallace's and the Windsor's forever be connected. So now it is arranged that Annabelle Louise Athena Rosalie Iona Wallace, daughter of Alexander Achilles Wallace, was to be married when she comes of age, and then Achilles' plan will truly come together.
It was just after Achilles' mothers passing and the denouncing of his father as Prime Minister that the LeBeau's took France for themselves, people Achilles' admired for having the right attitude, and so it seemed the integrity of Great Britain was in jeopardy as the whole world became a bargain bucket of land. Then at twenty years old just as William was thinking of making Wallace Enterprises public so he could go traveling Achilles took the company reigns and was then stated as his fathers replacement in the House of Parliament. From there everything came together, he and the royal family took control of Britain and Ireland to protect it from any unwanted outside visitors. They rebuilt the British Empire and made deals and agreements with other powerful people around the world, such as Lord's Angel and the LeBeau's, Wallace Enterprises was known globally and he was top provider on all weaponry, though in truth any of them would be happy to stab the other and take their land. They said he was to be afraid of the power they hold, but when your power rivals theirs the only thing to fear is death, and when you don't fear death, you become invincible. 
Achilles pushed open the heavy wooden doors passing two of his guards as he entered his house into the garage, he passed many fine cars, vintage and new, most manufactured by his own companies, he reached the other side of the garage to a bulletproof glass door, hitting a button to the side of the door it smoothly slide open allowing Achilles to step through into the kitchen he did not even give notice to any of his chefs he simply passed through into the dining room were awaiting him was his daughter and Albert. The dining room was long and wooden, accompanied by a long wooden table to seat twenty two but it had been years since it served for such a purpose. The room was even gloomier than the crypt, and much darker, even with it's many lights and grand windows allowing moonlight to pour in, the dark panels seemed defiant not to reflect any of it. Achilles stopped beside his daughters throne like chair, to match his at the other end, that had it's back to him, he put a hand on her shoulder but she did not look up, instead she just carried on eating her soup, it was then he noticed her hair and took his hand off her shoulder to brush it through her dark locks, silky as ever, just like her mother, but it now had an electric blue strip in it which was not there yeterday.
"Interesting" he said in an uncaring voice, "could you not of gone for something more original?" he asked harshly, but Annabelle was used to it and simply ignored, he stroked her smooth face and left her side to sit at the other end, she was as wooden as the table. He continued "You could at least of had our colour, red, fit in with this family for once" he finally reached his seat and sat down to his meal as Belle muttered "what family?" under her breath, but Achilles went on "Or you could of got our tartan... I know you don't like it Annabelle, but you are a Wallace" his voice was monotone, he expressed no emotion, Belle wondered if he had any, she wondered if he even loved her, so did he. Albert shuffled over to the tray in front of Achilles and he lifted the lid off of the meal, "Mutton, sir" he said almost as emotionless as Achilles himself "Enjoy." Achilles gave the signal for him to leave and tucked into his meal, the mutton didn't resist his knife at all and went down smoothly, it was cooked to perfection. There was only silence, except for the snapping of Belle's bread and Albert scuffling to resume his usual mealtime position.
Minutes passed until Achilles spoke again, "Are you giving me the silent treatment Annabelle?" he asked with no reply, not until Belle coughed and finally said "I thought you would be used to that father... then again you have not talked to a woman for years" she made her voice as cold as she could, Achilles just smirked and allowed his sky blue eyes to pierce her chocolate brown one, before saying "Untrue, I was talking to your grandmother just a minute ago" his smile was more unnerving than heart warming, Annabelle scoffed, "Oh yes, in that grand old tomb of hers... she's dead you know" Belle said resentful and filled with hate, she never knew her grandmother, nor the loving person she was, all she heard was from her father that she was the reason for this and so Achilles replied "on the contrary stupid girl she is alive in the things around us and the work I do" this made Belle silent, for a few minutes at least until she said "Where is my mothers grand crypt? how come she did not get the same treatment, she was your wife!" she almost shouted at him, but Achilles remained cool, pressing his finger tips together and leaning in he said "She didn't deserve one... my mother had me and your mother... had you" he said the slightest tinge of hate resonating from his vocals. 
Annabelle was taken aback, but her face turned from shock into a scowl at the blink of an eye, her soup was finished (she had become a vegetarian in spite of her father) so she stood up angrily, pushing the heavy chair back best she could, she stormed from only to stop at the door, turning he could see the anger boil and it took everything in her to scream "F*CK YOU!" at her father, and running off to her room sobbing, Achilles' eyes stayed fixed on the door, deep in thought, only when she disappeared up the stairs did he resume eating his meal as though nothing happened. Ten minutes later as he finished his meal in silence, could he hear the sound of marching feet through his house, picking up a handkerchief to wipe his mouth, he stood up, leaving Albert to take his plate, ready to greet one of his loyal followers, General Lockhart, his brother-in-law, he used to be a great assassin, now he was a great soldier "Sir, we have another one" he said, Achilles just nodded and left the house with the general, grabbing a coat and gloves as he left. Reaching the black Audi he turned and looked up to see his daughter yanking the curtains shut, before stepping into the car.

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I like Chloe :D

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Great posts so far btw :D

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here's a quick bio for whom I'll be using...

Name:  Alexander Achilles Wallace
Known As: Achilles
Father: Constantine (Scott Wallace)
Mother: Gemma Fox
Age: 29
Location: Great Britain
Powers: Vast Intellect and Magical Ability
Short Bio: Achilles has taken the lesser path destiny had intended for him, at a young age he realised that life was cruel and in the end we all die cold and alone. It quickly became apparent that his intelligence was on par, if not beyond, his fathers and he used that to his advantage over the years, seeing the world change around him he took that chance to manipulate it and get what he wanted from this life, including control of Britain. Overall he is a straightforward businessman living the high life.
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yes I finally got a new post up... in my fan-fic xP

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1st September 2019- Hogwarts Express

"Well, what is it?" Xander asked, "It looks like an unfinished map" he stated simply, to which the reply was, "Well it is... Well, essentially anyway," said Toby, "It's one of few, and when all maps are together they become something very powerful... and that is what they are after, isn't it, power... so you see, when you put..." but he was stopped mid-sentence as a strong hand came down and put a vice like grip on the wrist which was pulling out the map. They both looked up to see one of the Aurors that Xander had no name for, "Don't go any further" he ordered, in a deep bellowing voice that demanded obedience, he was tall and of strong build with wide shoulders and muscles which showed even through his robes, his face was scarred and covered in dark brown hair which stopped just enough for Xander to see wooden brown eyes, his beard thin, barely more then stubble and flecked with grey, and his mouth hung slightly at the right showing a bit more teeth undoubtedly a war wound as the skin around it was pale and followed down slightly to cut through his beard but he still retained a rugged charm about him and instantly X could tell he was a well respected Auror.  
"This is a Wallace child and I en't pulling you out of any trouble...again," he said in a now apparent highland tone, "ya hear me" he asked rhetorically in his grizzly voice, Toby smirked "Don't worry Dobbs, I know," he said, "he's going to find out sooner or later" , Dobbs growled, "ye'h and that should be by his father's own accord, not ours " Dobbs remarked and he seemed to be getting bigger but Toby was not afraid, he'd obviously been in the situation before. "Listen there are bigger things to fear than letting some kid know what's going on, you know, like the war," Dobbs grunted in defeat as he realised Toby was right, then down the corridor one of the other Aurors signalled to Toby and Dobbs and they both looked out the window besides them, Xander followed there lead and saw a single dark figure zooming at them, wisps of what seemed to be black flames and smoke left in his wake, the trademark of a death eater, "Yep and it looks like it is closing in on us" said Dobbs, at which point he reached into Toby's pocket and pulled loose the map within, he then turned to the seventh years, Xander, Angie, Izzy and Danielle, "Oi, you it is yer job to keep the little'ns calm, alright, gather up the rest of yer troops and get to" they all looked a little confuse and then in unison said "yes sir" . Dobbs then turned and marched on down the carriage until he reach a point where he could get out and climb on top.
Toby turned to the foursome with a smile, "good luck, hopefully we shall meet again" he said and his eyes narrowed down onto Izzy, who blushed and eagerly said back "good luck to you too" jumping a little from her seat and he winked at her before hopping down the carriage after Dobbs. Xander turned back into the compartment catching sight of the other prefects looking out their doors and cut through the mini crowd going straight for the window, the other three stood now and Isabella took action, "Well we need to rustle up the others and get to organizing the students " she said to which Dani and Angie replied with a half-hearted agreement, and her bossiness reminded him slightly of his older sister Hermione, well they were cousins, so it must be on the fathers side, which means Xander might be like that one day, and he shook his head in dismay at the thought, "where do you think your going?" she asked her voice going slightly higher meaning she did not approve of what he was currently doing, "I'm going to help" said Xander as he unlatched the window and started to climb onto the table knocking over the half full bottle of icy water, Izzy shook her head, "but we have to get to the students" she said grabbing onto his remaining foot, "then get to" he said struggling to pull free, but once his shoe was off and he was out of his cousins grip he continued to climb.

He could just see over the top of the carriage, his foot still on the table inside the compartment, when he saw the dark figure encroaching on the train's position. It shot forward and made contact causing a jolt across the whole frame of the vehicle, violently rattling the train from top to bottom, Xander lost grip upon the smooth black carriage roof and slipped, he was about to fall when his reflex's kicked in and he caught a part of the crimson train, at which point he could feel hands around his waist and finally heard the screams of the kids in the other carriages. "Thanks guys" he called down before regaining his posture and started to climb again, at the same time making sure his wand was still secure in his back pocket. He could see several figures, Terrence Flask, Dobbs, the unknown Auror and the masked death eater who had just arrived, all with their wands at the ready. Xander used the window to get up and with one last push managed to slide onto the roof unnoticed. Then into view came Alan and Toby. The death eater was outnumbered by far, but his body position showed no fear and Xander knew straight away that this man was not afraid to die. Then all at once spells erupted, a flurry of colours, red, purple, blue, orange and Xander could have sworn he'd seen a flash of green. Within seconds four of the Aurors were down, only Dobbs remained in an intense stand off with his foe. Who now, as Xander paid more attention, appeared to be a female, her curves became more defined as she stood fighting in the day light and X could see behind her mask and under hood long, curly, blonde locks appeared. Though that was not something to be distracted by.
Xander slowly got to his feet, the train was unsteady and this had been a lot easier in his head. All the other Aurors were up now and balanced themselves as they watched the fierce duel between Dobbs and this female Death Eater, he wondered why no one helped but Dobbs did come across as a do it alone kind of guy, plus she was surrounded. Then from the corner of his eye Xander spotted two new Death Eaters, heading their way in the same manner she had, like two black meteors causing dark flames. It seemed no one else had noticed par the female villain who looked to be cockily shuffling into an organized position, those lessons of tactical awareness with his father paid off. "Look out!" Xander shouted as he started to run towards their position unsteadily, with only one shoe on it was a very smooth surface and he slipped a few times. His heed seemed too late as everyone turned their head to see the two approaching enemies, flashes of red erupted from the tip of their wands and only Dobbs seemed to know what was happening as he jumped in the way of Toby deflecting the spell, whilst beside him Alan Brody was struck off his feet as the stupefy spell hit him square in the chest, causing him to go flying off the train, over the bridge and to come crashing down in the icy river below.
The attackers did not rest and were quick on the rebound, as within seconds they were firing more, Xander reached over his unnamed friend to wordlessly deflect another stunning spell, whilst Terrence held his own. Xander and his father had been practicing non verbal spells as it helped on the battlefield, he had got some down but many were still out of his grasp. The forgotten imposer took her opportunity to strike as Dobbs had his back turned and everyone's attention was dazed, an orange spell burst across Dobbs right arm and followed through to his left shoulder as his face fell dull and his body limp, the momentum carried him sideways as he dropped to his knees and rolling onto the floor, he carried on rolling as his body stayed in one spot and the train left him behind, it looked as though he had been pushed violently down a set of stairs, his limp self finally came to the edge and he fell from the roof of the carriage, Xander was close enough to the edge to see his body hit the stone wall of the bridge and carry on down to hit the hill and undoubtedly roll to the icy waters which had consumed Alan. All were wide eyed as they couldn't believe Dobbs to have been bested, Xander barely knew the guy but was still feeling an emotional attachment.
Toby screamed after Dobbs but in the same second was knocked off his feet by a Death Eater on his broom who had quickly swept down and brutally clashed with him, knocking Toby unconscious at the same time as he pulled him up onto his broom. Xander could see now the females own broom had been snatched up into her hands and she was off. Terrence and the other Auror went back to back and dragged Xander in to make a protective triangle. It had all happened so fast, like the flash of camera, and the moment was gone, forever captured in their minds. The kidnapper had been long gone with Toby, but the other two started to circle the remaining three, the witch cackled loudly as the wizard laughed maniacally, swooping around their prey like vultures circling the deceased. They were teasing them, toying with their food, when Terrence lashed out violently and hit the wizards broom with his purple spell, causing the back end to explode and for him to go flying backwards following down the path Alan and Dobbs had already traveled. The witch abruptly stopped and so did her cackling, and then Terrence started to laugh himself, making the young which furious, she shook with anger, her hood more loose as more blonde streaked out past her hood. She let out a scream of anger and flew at them, wand out, sparking at the tips. They all ducked, Xander put a hand out shielding his face and felt something cut across his palm, burning him, he gave a little cry of pain and slipped onto the cold carriage surface, but secured by the two bodies around him. When he next looked up, she was gone, following the same direction of the kidnapper.
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good luck

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Good Luck

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