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Can we use this image for the Spike Lee page?


I uploaded it, but I didn't see it appear in the Gallery. Usually if I upload a picture, it does show up in the gallery. But the last couple times, it didn't. I can't figure out why that is.

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Can we use this picture as the default for the Blonde Bomber on this page


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I just uploaded an image for the Jerry Garcia page.


Can it be used for the default? It's in the gallery right now.

I would post the picture on this thread too, but I don't know how to do that. If you wouldn't mind, could you let me know how to do that? Or tell me where I can find out?

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@pikahyper: Oh, OK, well in that case, can I request to use that image for the Miranda Mercury page?

ETA: I just checked the page and I see that the picture's there. Thanks!!

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Yesterday I started a new page for a character, and I uploaded a piece of art for it. I was hoping the image would appear on the character's Wiki page. But it didn't. It did wind up in the gallery, though. It just isn't on the main page. I'm wondering why that would happen. The character is Miranda Mercury.


Right now, the picture I uploaded is the only piece of art in the character's gallery. I don't see anything wrong with using this image for the main page. Does it have to pass some kind of inspection, or is there a problem with the image itself?

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I'm madly in love with Gordon. He's so righteous.

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I'd like to use this picture for the Blonde Bomber:


The page for the character is here:


I know there's words on the picture, and it might not fit with the guidelines. But I've found that a lot of characters from the Golden Age, or who are in the Public Domain, have pictures that look like this. So I was hoping it would be OK since it was already done a lot before, and also since there's no picture there at all right now for the character.

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I still don't see the button for adding something to a list. I tried to add a character manually, by going to the list and doing a search, but when I click on Save List, all I get are error messages telling me that a "problem occurred during submission." So I can't do that, either.

Unless they bring the Add to a List button back, my list-making days are over.


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@darkwolverineUSMC said:
They go crazy because they're super powered women that go through menstural cycles just like everyy other women.

And the men go crazy because of all their prostate problems. 
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