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What on earth has this got to do with Halloween? 0

This is just a straight-up reprint of Marvel Adventures: Avengers #1 - The Replacements. They didn't change a thing. How is this a "Halloween Special?" Just an incredibly basic "let's put robots in charge of national defense, OMG THE ROBOTS WANT TO KILL US DIDN'T SEE THAT ONE COMING!" Story....

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Good for a western. 0

I must admit; I'm not a fan of the classic western. This goes double for Silver-Age stories. I've found most of them to be extremely predictable and formulaic. This issue, however, was actually fairly good; at least for a western. The Kid adopting Randy kind of reminds me of Bruce Wayne taking in Dick Grayson....

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One of the most important issues in the history of comics. 0

This is one of the most significant comics to ever be published. It was the first superhero book published after Timely Comics became Marvel Comics. It’s heralded as the start of the Silver Age, and the re-birth of Superhero comics. The month that it came out, Marvel’s lineup included 3 types of books - anthology books that featured random, unconnected short stories (think Twiligh Zone or Outer Limits stuff) such as Amazing Adventures, Journey Into Mystery and Tales of Suspense, teen romance boo...

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