Vic Sage(Question) more relatable then Batman?

Rhetorical question just to get that out of the way... 
Yes he is, Vic is more relatable to the average person then Batman is. I keep seeing posts about how Batman is only human, that he relies on his skills and has no super powers now while this is partly true it really isn't. I say partly because while he does rely on his skills, his intelligence and all that seems to be almost metahuman so he does have a super power its just not really noticeable and is overshadowed because people see him as just a human. But I will go with 3 points, explaining my thoughts on why Vic Sage is more reletable then Batman, I will be using videos from JLU to support this(being that I have no comics) and while comics do show Batman can be only human they still also show him as being the god that Batman fans follow. PLEASE NOTE: I do not hate Batman, he is one of my all time favortive characters...this is merely just a point to show that he isn't as reletable as some think. Alright so here is the first point.  
1. Skills/Gear 
Lets see here, we have Batman who is a master of 127 martial arts, acrobat, detective, strategist, tactician, photographic memory, expert marksmen, master of stealth, master of disguise, hacker, escapologist, genius intellect, has a degree in pretty much all sciences(and probably some other stuff I am forgetting), has a suit that is bullet proof, trauma proof, a utility belt which carries a variety of things depending on what he takes with him. He has a batcave with super computers, a jet, a car both of which can do a number of things and has a ton of weaponry of each of them. 
Alright lets look at Vic, proficient acrobat, genius intellect, master detective, one of the world's foremost martial artists and hand to hand combatants, he uses whats around him as a weapon.  He wears a mask that covers his entire face, and wears a suit and fedora.
Conclusion:  Now looking at this Vic and his skill set and gear, are far more understandable and more realistic then Batman's. I realize its the comic book world, but in real life no one would be able to train themselves to the extent of Batman whereas Vic can be. 
2. Morals/Fear 
Here is where the video examples come in, showing the morals of both Batman and Question so lets begin with Batman. 

  Skip to 1:06 
Yes Batman, lets keep a behemoth walking monster of destruction on Earth so he can destroy everything. Now yes some will probably say "Batman could just make a jail to hold Doomsday" but the fact is he didn't and as I look at it no prison could hold Doomsday anyway, so yes Bruce sending him to the phantom zone was the only way to ensure that the Earth is safe. Now while DD didn't die, I wanna point out Batman doesn't kill....even when said villain has killed thousands or millions, now what person in their right mind would let them live? I know I wouldn't let said person live, if it meant saving more lives.  
As for fear....Batman doesn't fear anything, how is that normal? Everybody fears something, but he doesn't I don't see how that works out at all.
Ok moving on to Question. 
Now yes I realize that in the main universe, the world didn't end but even so Question was willing to kill Lex Luthor so that armageddon wouldn't have happened causing the destruction of the world. He was willing to kill for the greater good, to save more lives he was going to kill one man. 
  Here we see Question confronting Superman about him killing Lex and causing the end of the world. Around 2:16 you see Q fearing Superman, a guy who has immense power and could kill anyone he wanted to. That is a normal human reaction, he fears something thats going to happen...if that were Batman he would have just been like -_- "meh" and walked off that isn't normal. 
3. Lifestyle/Jobs 
Now as for their lifestyle and jobs, Batman is a billionaire and runs his own company. While that is in real life, not everyone is a billionaire that just isn't normal. Meanwhile Vic Sage, is just a journalist, something that is more realistic and attainable for normal people. 
Well there you have it, my thoughts on why Question is more reletable to the average person then Batman is. Like it or hate it, doesn't matter to me I just wanted to put my thoughts down and share my views, hope everyone enjoys reading. I also know that there are other street levelers out there, that can be more relatabe then Batman I am just using Vic as an example.