Wildvine explains it all

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Welcome to the new and improved Ask Wildvine thread. So happy I can finally edit the OP. I guess it was only a matter of time before the site glitched in a good way.

Questions I get asked repeatedly

How did you find CV? It came up one day when I was Googling random battle scenarios.

Are you a girl or a guy? Neither. I'm a plant person.

Who was phone? If you get this reference, than you can be my friend.


Color? Green. Followed closely by purple.

Movie? No all time favorite I'm afraid.

Band/musician? See last Q.

TV show? Supernatural

Video game? Pokemon

Pokemon? Porygon

Song? Dance with me by The Dollyrots

Animal? Giraffe

Anime Dragon Ball

Manga None atm

Comic book character? Harley Quinn

Boy band? Pass

What's your sign? Cancer.

Religion? No thank you, I'm good.