My RPG confession

Okay. Here's my confession to all the Vine, but especially to you the RPGers.

I am not a stranger to the RPG section. But I'm not an old hand either. At best I would call myself a novice, and at worst a beginner. I really enjoy RPing. And @pyrogram was super cool showing me the ropes, and teaching me the rules/lingo, etc. One of the reasons I (kinda) stopped was the fights. I get that (RPG) fighting is a big part of this world. But I can barely write a fight scene in my stories with all the time I need, let alone in an RPG while my opponent is waiting for my response. That alone may be a sad reason to stop doing something. I admit it.

Also, the idea of other people attacking my character out of the blue scares me. See, I don't like really powerful guys. I like my down to Earth characters. Yes my main character is a witch with fluxuating power levels, but I really play her down for fear of over powering. Like, if your character can attack at the speed of light, then my guy is dead. I do not have any characters that can defend that fast. Nor do I wan't one who can. For me, healing factor or flying are pretty neat powers.

Anyway, I want to come back to RPG, because I do enjoy it. And hopefully my characters won't be devoured/thrown into space/liquified. ^_^