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Contest Two: Writing

She’s Gone.

She sat down in front of me smelling like Vanilla n Strawberries, laying her purse between the tables leg and hers. Her head moved and autumn waves shifted away from her face, she looked up at me her eyes sparked like Christmas lights. She had me, I melted away, Then She began telling me that the move was needed and she was going to miss the city. Her fingers traced the antique bracelet she always wore. All I could say is “Don’t go”. She smiled; her lips moist pucker will give me sweet dreams to remember her by. The server laid the meal down, Her eyes opened wide, Sara said “There is so much that Chicago doesn’t have that I will miss my teams, my friends, my stores and being a Cop but the one thing I will miss the most will be, Joe’s New York Pizza, I love you”. Up she went with slice in hand and a switch that not age or sex could turn away from. Good Luck In Chi-Town Sara.