My Pull List.

For the past year and a half, I have been a loyal buyer to DC's New 52. Over that time period, I came up with my list to buy each month, and as my wallet grew thicker from work, I was able to buy up to 4 series. It was around March that I set that list to the following:

Batman & Robin - Written by Peter Tomasi, Art by Patrick Gleason since dropped.

Batman - Written by Scott Snyder, Art by Greg Capullo

Nightwing - Written by Kyle Higgins, Art by Eddy Barrows

Red Hood and the Outlaws - Written by Scott Lobdell, Art by Kenneth Rocafort 1-10, Timothy Green II 12-18

Recently added:

Batgirl - Written by Gail Simone, Art by Ed Benes, Daniel Sampere

Talon - Written by James Tynion IV/ Scott Snyder, Art by Guillem March

Now, as a college student, I am freaking poor SO I can only have around 4 books a month, though I do occasionally buy random issues, (which lead to me picking up Batgirl and Talon). I am thinking that I could try and do 5 books a month, but recently I picked up 2 new issues and a back order 0 issue of Talon all of which including the backboard and bag costed 10 bucks...... So i might have to rethink my plan, or actually pick up books that are worth it. Now, striaght up Im a huge Red Hood fan, so even if the issues are sucking (dont mention issue 16), I won't be dropping. The same would go for Batman, but the Joker arc is ending, and it would be nice to spread my horizon so to speak, especially since the 3 issues after DOTF's conclusion dont have Capullo and are possibly based in the past. Nightwing was about to be dropped but these last 2 issues as well as a teaser with things to come has made me want it more. Batgirl is doing ok, with nothing overly great since the annual or issue 12. Talon is my new favorite series and I am not dropping that anytime soon. But here is the thing, are there any good New 52 books that are recommneded. I glimpsed through Batwoman recently, and though I didnt read it, the art by J.H. Williams II was freaking beautiful, and I wouldnt mind reading interesting stories featuring Kate. Also Jeff Lemiere is taking over Green Arrow, and honestly that sounds downright awesome. So any suggestions if I were to drop, lets say Batgirl?

What good DC stories are out there?

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