Late-blooming Comic nerd

When I was a kid I did NOT read comics. I had nothing against them. I loved superheroes, but I'd watch them on TV. Especially re-runs of the old Biff, POW, Holy fill-in -the-blanks -Batman series. Heck, watching Batgirl on that show was the first time I noticed i had *urges* as a young boy. I'm from a very poor family and spending money that I didn't have on comics wasn't even a thought and none of my friends read comics. I would flip through them occasionally at the corner store, but it was always issue 237 and the middle of a story arc with characters I had never heard of - I always felt lost. Now that I'm (supposedly) an 'adult' I have discovered that I am a HUGE comic book geek. I read EVERYthing I can get my hands on. i spend on my time on comic vine, CBR and wikipedia reading about characters and story arcs when I don't have my nose in a comic book or smudging my tablet screen flicking through pages of brightly colored fun. Now I am discovering who writes my favorite stories and draws my favorite styles. My goal is to make it to a comic-con and be a complete geek. There - Thats who I am!

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