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Name: Calypso Al'hazred (Real Name Unknown, even to him)


Alias: Voidheart, Warlock, Lord of the Unreal

Age: 93 (1921*, Time went by faster inside the Unreal Realm)

Occupation: Illusionist, Librarian.

Eye Color: yellow iris

Hair: black

Blood Type: O +

Height: 178cm (5,9')

Weight: 70kg (154lbs)

Specia: Usually choses an illusion as a appearance (Darker Caucasian), his real skin color is pale grayish, marked by a Stigmata.

The Wizard that could(n't)

The God of Un-reality
The God of Un-reality

This story revolves around a boy plagued by nightmares, these however, weren't your normal nightmares. The boy tried to convey them to his parents, but was left unheard as they would simply laugh it off as a childish behavior. The dreams became more intense and real by the passing years, and one day he was visited by their originator.

"YoU sEem tO Be conNecTed wIth mY reAlm, yOung oNe. I've hAdn'T hAd a vIsitoR in ageS... leT Ne aCcommoDaTe You wiTh a "gift", aS a siGn of hosPitaLity."

The child was caught in awe, unable to express his fear with words or even a facial expression, a plain wide open stare at the primal being that was before him. It waved it's hands in a circular motion, seeming drifting through space as afterimages of his hands are dragged behind and fade away.

"ThEre My chiLd, nOw USe my gIft aS yOu pLeAse, bUt Be wArNed... iT cOmEs At a priCe... "

What the boy couldn't see, is that his outer appearance had changed, he was now marked with a stigmata. All he had to now, is leave this "reality" contorting and twisting as it was. The being had vanished, and a door creaked open at a distance. Walking eerily as his legs could barely hold him upright in this weird place, horrendous creatures began to sprout from the walls forcing themselves into his way. One began to bite his leg and tear on it, the other two tried pulling his arms apart. There was no way out... no hope... how did this even happen... he squinched his eyes together and hoped that he could reach that exit somehow, and soon thereafter, the door began to get wider and nearer. A slight pain began to manifest itself inside the head of the young boy, what had happened? Why can't he reach that door? Oh right... the monsters... they were holding him... he tried it again, and as he opened his eyes, the monsters were gone and the room became blank. Blood was now slowly running down his nose and the headache subsided shortly after. It seemed to him as if nothing even happened, and emotionless he walked through the door. But where did it lead? Why did he want to leave? And more importantly... who was he?

"YOu MiGht nOt cLeaRly reCaLl, buT i'Ve sTatEd tHat My giFt coMeS aT a PriCe." he said as he appeared beside the door "And as for your who you are, and the reason why you are somewhat connected to this place... let's just say it has to do with your "tRuE nAmE. FOr NoW, I'Ll nAmE yOu... "Calypso Al'hazred". NOw Go On..." he said pushing the boy on his shoulders tenderly into the direction of the door, like a father would his son into kindergarten.

Smoke And Mirrors

Quite a time has passed since Calypso reappeared into his dimension, his parents were long since gone. Not that it mattered, since he held no memories of them to begin with. Fortunate as it was however, he found himself not too far from an Orphanage that was pointed at by crooked signs off the street. It was there where he spent the next decade of his life, gaining new memories and friends.

The memories of that place where he was taken to weren't completely forgotten. The faces of those beings still impregnated like in his mind like scars from a scratch on bare skin. One day he looked into a mirror to get ready for his last days of school, which he mastered quite magnificently, and saw his image distorted. His head began to ache, his throat began to tighten and the blood inside his veins to boil. He fainted. As he came to himself, he looked back into the mirror, and saw his true self. A pale grey skin tone, and markings on his forehead. Suddenly the the past he so tried to store away came forcing itself back into the present. He took a deep breather, closed his eyes and began to concentrate on his self as he knew it. Opening his eyes, he seemed to look "normal" again. Time to attend the graduation ceremony and be on with it.

Wanna-Be Houdini
Wanna-Be Houdini

The "gift" this being gave Calypso wasn't something he found out willingly. Deceiving people always came natural to him, so was also the case when he wrote an answer on the test paper moments before handing it to the teacher, only to find out that it was wrong. "Are you sure?" He asked the teacher days after he had already marked it as wrong, "Please look again, I'm sure i wrote the correct answer!", and so his teacher did. Humans can make mistakes, and most humans can accept that, the 5 just happened to look like a sloppy 6. However, it were moments like these that also showed the side effect of abusing his "gift". He forgot the name of his teacher. "Impossible, i just heard them speak of him moments ago, I couldn't of just forgotten it... or could I?" Other instances only served to approve of his theory that using his magical abilities would have memory loss as a drawback. He had no way of knowing for sure how far his magical prowess ranges, or how severe the loss thereof would be. Normally, if you had your eyes tied, you could slowly tap your feet until you realize your standing at a cliff. This was an incomparable abyss, pulling you in without a way to pull yourself out.

As time went by, Calypso had gained local fame by becoming an Illusionist who fascinated the children at the orphanages or other open locations. His natural ability as a con-artist was being backed up by his unnatural gift. It would seem as if certain schools of spells had worse drawbacks and some, such as illusions, had none. The money he had gained from his various performances was invested into restorating his library, where he plans to store every bit of knowledge he can get, including various books where he has written down his memories should he ever need to use his abilities.

Powers and Abilities:

Deceitful Illusionist: Calypso is a master Illusionist, deceiving the eye every way humanly possible. His cunning and intellect also enable him to mostly sway people with his words.

Intellect: As before mentioned, his hunger for knowledge almost forced him into a position of higher intellect, supposedly he currently could be considered a genius.

Magic Tricks: As a stage magician, Calypso also doesn't leave the house without his trusty "magical" equipment, such as his "magical" top-hat, his "magical" cane (which can be turned into a wand) or other various "magical" items...

"Un-Real" Potential: This could be considered his true magical ability.


Physiology: If it ever counted as a weakness, Calypso's physiology is that of a human. Every weakness applicable to normal human beings is also the same as his.

Backlash: Tapping into his "Un-real" potential causes various drawbacks, most commonly the loss of memory.

Enter The Void

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