The Perfect Kiss

I was told she was actually plain looking, but to me she was the most amazingly beautiful woman I'd ever seen. An indian woman, as she proudly told me when we first met, she was perfectly tan, had thick black hair that waved ever so slightly on her shoulders, and her eyes where of warm honey. Her name was Dakshayani but never wanting to butcher it I asked if I could just call her "Dee" she always told me the same thing, "You're doing fine, my love, but if you wish."

My heart belonged to her.

Well, one night after only a week of knowing her, when the rain was pouring down in buckets, instead of its usual autumn drizzel, I'd walked her to her home. When I say walked, I don't actually mean I walked, we kind of half ran out from underneath the kazeebo by the beach down the street, me holding a rather old and tattered but usefull umbrella over her head. Nevertheless, we where both completly drenched by the time we arrived at her house.

We sat in eachothers arms for a moment, neither one of us wanting to call for the night to be over, but each knowing what would happen if I crossed that door frame. Both of us felt that we must know each other longer than a week before that happened. So we sat, waiting for the first to let go of the embrasse.

"Dee," I said breaking the silence, "Its cold out tonight." I could see her breath as she rattled around, freezing herself against my soaked shirt.

"So it is," She breathed, looking up into my eyes. Hers where sparkeling tonight, stars that could light the sky.

"Dee, can you trust me?" I asked, all that was on my mind was the kiss I'd yet to steal away from her.

"Are we really going to have this conversation now?" She laughed, a musical almost bird like sound, "On my pourch? In the rain?"

"No," I said almost breathlessly. Rain, cold, and sex be damned all I wanted to do was kiss her.

And so I kissed her.

My mind seem to melt away in the warmth of the kiss, however brief it was. I pulled away to find her shocked, almost paralized, her hand to her chin and bottom lip. I stepped back looking down to the wooden panneling of her pourch, "Sorry, Dee, I know it was an unromantic first kiss for us but-"

"First kiss for us? No one has ever kissed me like that," she told me, "and as for 'unromantic' I believe it was the perfect end to this evening." She was smiling at me when I looked up again, and with that we where back in each others arms. Warmed by the heat of another kiss.

After what seemed like an eternity that had ended to soon she finally moved away, "I should probably go. I have work in the morning."

I watched her as she stepped in through the open door, she looking out the frame as we said our goodnights. After she'd shut the door, I had opened my umbrella again and set off down the wooden steps. I hadn't even made it to the end of the second step when the door was flung wide open and I heard her call my name.

I turned just intime to catch her as she jumped to me. But I wasn't all that prepared and I'd lost my balance, and my umbrella. We landed, me on my back and her ontop of me, on the rain soaked ground her clothes soaking more of the rain than mine had this whole night. Now it was her turn she told me before she kissed me, passionately, of course.

I don't remeber walking home that night. I don't remember taking a shower or changing my clothes or prepairing for bed. My mind was still on the perfect night with the perfect woman and the perfect kiss.


Fell asleep writing last night.

The house was dark when Amanda returned home early from her date. Her dinner sat on the table, her parents apperently already in bed. She looked at the cold beef on the table and with a shrug assumed it would be better than what Jeff had had planed in the back of his car.

She tossed the dish in the microwave and just as she set the timer there came a knock at the door. There shouldn't be any knock on the door, unless of course it was that pig of a boy reminding her she'd left something in his car. She left the food in the microwave and crossed to the front.

No one was outside. She scratched her head assuming that it could've just been her imagination, but it seemed so real. Then again, who would knock at this time of night just to walk away.

Something nagged her that it wasn't just some childish prank, or a trick of her imagination but she ignored it, being as she was still hungry. She crossed back through the dark room carefull not to bump into anything.

Something breathed down her neck, "Amanda."

The girl jumped and spun around looking for the owner of the voice. Finding nothing she continued to the kitchen.

The food was bland, as was her mother's customery way, but she ate it all and headed for bed. She crossed by the family portrate and righted it. She supposed her mother must have stomped up the stairs again, avioding another arguement, when she something in the reflection.

A figure, with a body as black as night but eyes that burned a bright orange. It opened what she assumed was its mouth in a horrid smile that revealed to rows of teeth. She spun on her heels...

But it was gone.

She turned back to the picture, now needing to be fixed once again. She left it this time, not sure what she would see. And at this point at night she didn't want to see that again.

She stalked quitely past her parents bedroom, careful not to wake them. There door was closed, as it all ways was, but she never took chances.

She felt the breath on the back of her neck again, "Amanda?"

Amanda ran to her room now, slamming and locking the door behind her. She through the light on and looked about the room for any sort of weapon. She grabbed the scissors from her night stand.

There came a knock on her door, "Amanda? Amanda, Honey, what's with all the slamming?"

Amanda opened the door again to find her mom watching her curiously. She tried to laugh it off, "Sorry Mom, just a little upset about my date with Jeff is all."

Her mom gave her a strange look, "Yes, well please keep it down."

"Will do, Mom," She said closing the door. Realizing how foolish she was she laid down for a restless, dreamless sleep.

It had been a week and she had all but forget, with the occasional itch at the back of her mind. Though she could never quite shack the feeling that something was watching her.

She came home late again, this time camping with her friends, to find the lights in the house off. Not having had one in a day or two, she headed striaght for the shower. She waited until the water was hot enough to steam the mirror before jumping in. She didn't take a long shower, just enough time to get all the dirt in mud off before bed.

She stood in the shower after the water had been turned off trying to drip-dry as much as possible before reaching out and grabbing her towel. She stepped out, brushed her teeth and smiled at the mirror.

Fogged up.

She rolled her eyes at her stuipity and whiped away some of the condensation on the glass and smiled again. She almost turned to leave when she felt the breath down the back of her neck. She glanced into the mirror and saw it there.

The figure from before. That no nosed, gapping mouthed sharp toothed thing with the burning red eyes. Amanda almost yelped, and turned on her heels.

It was still there, glaring at her, "Home," It breathed.

Amanda really did scream this time and dashed for her room. She slammed the door and locked it. She grabbed the scissors again, holding them close to her chest.

"Amanda!" She heard her father shout from outside her door, "What the hell is with all the slaming?"

She crossed the room carefully to unlock the door. It was out there with him, just behind him. It smiled when it saw her, eyes wide and jaw slacking as if by a dead man. She screamed.

Her dad turned, to late it grabbed his shoulder with one black clawed hand, the other went through his neck. A red mist sprayed all over the door and Amanda's face. She screatched, locked the door and huddeled against the wall.

Her mother came down the hall then, "What's going on? Richard? Rich-" She made a gurggling sound as if gripped by her throat.

"Amanda." the voice whispered out side the door, but she could hear it, she could still hear it no matter what she did, "Amanda, have mother. Come out, play, Amanda. I let her go."

Amanda felt her eyes bluring up, "I can't. I can't go out there," She told herself.

"Fine," Came the whisper, "I eat." She heard a wet rip that become loud slurping. She listened for hours, until the sun came up.

"She was found huddled in the corner of her, scared out of her mind."

"You think its true what they say about her?"

"What? That she killed her parents?"


"Hmm, well if she did she's in the right place to help her now."

Amanda lay curled in a ball inside her cell at the psychiatric ward. She hadn't moved much since she arrived a month ago, raving about some creature. She pulled her legs closer to her chest.

Then she felt something breathing down her neck, "Hello, Amanda."

Anyways tell me what you think. It's probably not as scary as I'd like it to be cause it was one of those "off the top of my head" things and would probably be worse, read aloud at night time.


So... I have a question...

Ok so when the new 52 started up I was super excited, don't get me wrong some of the stories are GREAT, but I had a question. I kept hearing mix matched reports on weither or not the New 52 where in the same universe each other, just at different points in time, and others that they where in the 52 Universes spread out through the multiverse that somehow interconected.

Can someone please just tell me whats going on?


Thank you guys for your opions on What a Wonderful World

Its been about 4 years since I've writen an actual fan fiction and I forgot how fun those could be. This felt like beautiful reception to the site and if you guys think that WAWW was writen well enough, expect to see more from me soon. Until then, however, I'll stick to reading and reply to yours.

Thanks again.


You guys wanna see something ridiculous?

So I had a crush on this girl once, kinda still do, but she isn't interested anymore, but anyway I found out she liked comics so I wrote her a poem using Superheroes. I just think its funny now.

If I could be Clark Kent,

Would you be Lois Lane?

Would you be content,

driving each other insane?

And when you need a hero,

I'd be you're Superman.

Never fear, oh,

I'd be there as fast as I can.

If I could be Peter Parker,

Could you be my Mary Jane?

And when time got harder,

could we fight through the fame?

And when you need a hero,

I'd be your Spider-man

Never fear, oh,

I'll be there as fast as I can.

If I could be Bruce Wayne,

Would you be Ms. Kyle?

If we where insane,

You'd still make me smile.

And when you need a hero,

I'd be there as fast as I can,

Never fear, oh,

I'd be your Batman.

If I could be Scott Summers,

Would you be Jean Grey?

Could we be lovers,

At the end of the day?

And when you need a hero,

I'd be there as fast as I can,

Never fear, oh,

I'd be your X-Man

If I could be me,

Would you Still be you?

Could we truely be,

Truer than true?

And when you need a hero,

I'd be there as fast as I can.

So never fear, oh,

I'll always be your man.