Things I think about: Comic Character Media Crossovers

Comics Books.  Great fun on a rainey Saturday, or any day that ends in "y".  Some of our culture's most famous icons have once graced the newsprint pages in stirring CMYK and their heroics and villianous deeds are the stuff of legends. 
So its only natural that such noteworthy happenings should be not only in the papers and in other forms of print, but in everything from advertisements for soap to TV movies and video games.  But during this transition so much is lost, remade or just just plan incorrect that I believe that some of the soul of the character is lost. 
I have been into comic books and the characters within since the late 80's.  I have since aged some 20+ years and I now have a young daughter who is expressing interest in the same books that I used to escape into when I was her age.  She sees all the movies and she asks me questions, like "Why is Wolverine not wearing that cool black leather suit?  What's with all that yellow?"   
I laughed as I am sure that some (most, even?) who read this just did.  But at the same time I felt heartbroken.  I grew up with "yellow-spandex-slice-and-dice" and maybe I didn't quite identify with him so much as I did with others, I respected him.  With the movies and the video games all clamoring to garner the adoration and cash monies of the newest generation of fans, they're slowly and albeit accidentally destroying one of the parts of my childhood that I valued most: comics. 
I remember when The first X-Men movie was released (just to keep on the same theme) and I said to myself, " least they gave Magneto a helmet, and Xavier's still got his wheel chair..." and it made me sad that ogue's entire backstory was ignored just so that we could pretend Wolvie wasn't the main character of the film.  In the 3 subsequent movies, its more and moe obvious that he should have been. 
The same thoughts of a family member on their deathbed overcome whn I think about the new Spider-man movie.  With all my soul, I pray to Odin that he not let such fate befall Peter as did Anne Marie.  And if you do see fit that he deserves such a fate, know that I along with my comic-ed bretheren, will not go and see the Venom movie, even though we did see Spider-man 3 ONLY because He was in it.  ;)
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