Well.... Hmmm....

  1. Bring back the Hulk and de-power Rulk
  2. fire Jeph Loeb.... Perma ban on his Marvel video games too!!!
  3. Joey Q would have to step down but would be given the option of being an artist again, or write a comic book series
  4. Captain America turns out to be alive.... but frozen in Ice (AGAIN!)
  5. Norman osborn is thrown into Cryo-stasis 'till they find a way to kill him
  6. have an expansion in the marvel movie-verse, Dr. Strange & Namor get movies while Ghost Rider gets a re-boot
  7. Have another Marvel vs DC Crossover... this time WWH vs Super-man and Spidey vs Bats
  8. Have a few more games come out
  9. Promote Cheaper ink and cheaper paper with more advertising (Don't worry only one more page!) to bring up funds for the New games and movies
  10. Have the Avengers film re written by Ed Norton and the guy who wrote Iron-man whilst paying for 3hrs and 27 mins of Screen time for the movie
  11. If Avengers is a success have 3 Marvel 2099 Movies one being Spider-man 2099, the other Doom 2099 and the last Exiles
  12. Take Bendis off a few books (he's a great writer but he writes practically everything now!)
  13. Hire Julio Molina-Muscara as a comic book artist
  14. Invest in new and young artists
  15. Hold a Competition every 2 years for writers and artist The 2 winners (from both sides meaning four winners) will be placed in a comic book career ( but if there are to many people writing and drawing either hold the competition for a while or have a whole bunch of one-shots and mini-series)
  16. Promote Marvel in things such as Breakfast Cereals and other things

You think I'm going over-board correct? 
Last but not least make sure upcoming movies are wirtten properly and have a Professional next to the Script writers at all times (We don't want another X-men Origins Wolverine that's written poorly, am I right?) what I mean is hire a few of the writers who worked on the characters by the Script so they get their facts straight because every one nows wolverine wasn't born in the 1820's.....