Argh, need to vent a bit.

Ok, yet another blog based on the subject of Quests. Today I just signed up for Anime Vice because it didn't occur to me, until I did sign up, that both sites are completely different but under the same company. I had asked myself "why not just have universal accounts so it would be easy for people to log on and maintain instead of signing in two different accounts?" Anyways, trying to stay focused lol. Like here, I immediately jumped into the quests and started knocking down as much as I could until I came to a difficult one. So off to the forums I went. I read, and I read, and I read; page, after page, after page. 
Here's my grievance: Some of these hints have no effect on the light bulb in the attic. I could blame myself for not knowing the information but because there's so much out there, where do I start? And who is that insane to contain that much geek information to go about these quests and dominate them? So as I have been reading the forum posts, I've been noticing something that I didn't understand at first until just a few minutes ago. Every time I came across a "Spoiler Warning" all it had were hints. Yet, there's hints every other post. So why is it necessary to cover up a hint? In my opinion that's just unnecessary. The way I see it if you're going to conceal something that is a spoiler then let the contents be an actual spoiler.  
Here's a hint for #4 for Utilities

Also, before I forget, clue placements are another issue I have. When posted, make sure your hints are numbered correctly. "Hint for such-and-such #5" is actually meant for such-and-such #7. So what clue or hint is for #5?! Then you keep reading looking for the correct hint. 
I bet you're wondering what the hell did I do to get this agitated over how things are done when dealing with the quest? I had just gotten a PM from a Mod at Anime Vice warning me about posting quest answers on the open forum (I'm sure I'll be bound to get the same from a CV Mod once they read my posts here :/ ). To me, that sounds like I posted without concealment, which I didn't. I even wrote a warning myself to boot.
People have a choice, you can do one thing or the other. You can chose to click on the spoiler or just leave it alone. Think of it as the "Activate Skynet" button. You can doom yourself by clicking it or just leave it alone and be on your merry way.  I'll heed the Mod's warning and I'll stop posting answers and such but if I post something that is "Spoiler Worthy" I'll make sure to let you know.
P.S. You can spoil ANYTHING for me and I wouldn't care. Chances are, I'll forget it and act surprise when said event happens.
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Getting Accustomed

(I had something written out but I was stupid enough to click the lower right corner "loading" something erasing what I had originally wrote >: | )
Well, I'm enjoying the site still (as mentioned in my "return address" lol) but, my god, are these quests difficult lol. I mean, since I've been out of the loop for a long while I don't get a lot of these clues and the easier ones just mock me in my face! Prime example:  AKA: Jacob Kurtzberg...HOW THE HELL DID I NOT PUT 2 AND 2 TOGETHER UNTIL AFTER I SAW THE IMAGE! ARGH! I felt stupid after that. 
Here's a little explanation (useless banter) to why I'm losing my mind over these quests lol. In the mid  90's I got into comics and continued to the end of that decade. I started with Marvel and added Image as my favorites later on. I sorta liked Superman and Batman when I was a kid because of the movies, however, it wasn't until the Marvel vs DC war had hit that I chose to side with Marvel (yes, I'm a dork). Unfortunately for me, my comic store had went out of business and I just didn't find another in town. Because of that my attention changed tracks to the path of anime. Don't get me wrong, I still loved my comics but I was expanding my anime division of my soul lol. 
Fast forward to '06 or '07 or maybe even '08 (yes my memory sucks), a comic shop had opened near where I live and I managed to pick up a little where I left off. The problem now is quite possibly the same problem everyone else is dealing with: money. I'm slightly aware of what's going on in comics today but they are brief summaries.
To sum this up (if you thought that reading this was a waste of time): 1) I'm a bit old school but I'm still nubish in more than one category. 2) I should stop writing blogs about crying over these quests. 3) I most likely should re-educate myself by using the site's database. 4) End Blog

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A long awaited return

So, today was my return to Comic Vine. I had signed up for this site so long ago I don't remember but I am surprised to see the new improvements. I really like the quests, it makes searching more fun! I hope to complete the ones that I can because I can't do any information editing because I don't know any better. Yes I am a fan but I'm not always accurate. So without further adieu, I'm back!