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LOL Danny Brown.

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@vance_astro: Wha---I know you're a mod---I didn't know that gave you some kind of immunity from being challenged about doing something I felt was off topic. I don't get the seeming hostility (apologies if I'm wrong about your state of mind).

Hey, I got no beef with you. Anyone that once stated, rightfully so, that Superman can beat Thanos-as well as shuts down a completely unnecessary, off topic jibe against me-is cool with me. Hey, I stated-with much anguish-that Captain America gets a majority over Nightwing (the topic of the thread). We're on the same page as far as I'm concerned.

I was the one who brought up the Daredevil stuff being off-topic in the first place. There was no hostility from me I just feel like people keep saying they want to leave a specific subject alone while addressing it at the same time. I KNOW it's off-topic that's why I said it.

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@juzacloud: @vance_astro: Akuma is still as fast as Iron Fist

What exactly are the feats that make this a fact.

. Same Iron Fist who is unable to blitz Wolverine, Daredevil, Black Panther (even when bloodlusted), ect.

I don't know where you're getting that he's unable to do this.

I dont see why Akuma who blitzes characters with speed feats of all I just mention now is slower because he never caught a bullet.

I didn't say he's now slower because he never caught a bullet I've asked for feats that are comparable. Attacking someone before they can react isn't comparable to catching a sniper bullet unless you can prove the characters Akuma blitzed are fast enough to make this a valid comparison.

In fact by calcs, a grown size man moving too fast to be seen by the eye is moving around Mach 3 speeds. That is physics anyway. So I dont see any possible counter to Akuma being too slow for IF if thats what is being said here.

If this is the case then why would Akuma be any faster than Wolverine, Iron Fist or any other comic character that has moved faster than the human eye can see?

Also Udon comics is as much canon as the games are to themselves since interviews have the makers and producer of SF IV and SF V state the games themselves are practically separate universes. Same people state what goes in the comics, and call on Udin to flesh out the universe, not the other way around. I dont see the manga being justified or Anime's, I agree with that.

I don't understand what you're trying to say here.

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Daredevil destroys . Fast enough to evade everything, far more skilled/nerve strikes FTW and hits hard enough to shatter sewer pipes .

Whole different league

Daredevil isn't fast enough to avoid all of Bane's attacks and although he's probably the most skilled fighter in the Marvel Universe with nerve strikes aside from Shingen, Elektra, Karnak & Shang Chi that's not an automatic win.

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In the movie, Harley. In the comics Katana.

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@acrokat said:

@vance_astro: Once again unless he was actively trying to murder Matt it wouldn't have that much force, he throws with a lot of strength but the skill in which he threw it at Daredevil is no different than what you would with a Frisbee hence why I call it a Frisbee do I have to keep explaining this over and over?

Whether he was trying to kill him or not is irrelevant because they were fighting. The shield isn't meant to be caught it's used as a weapon. The skill in which he threw it at Daredevil is far different from what would be done with a frisbee because it's based in combat strategy. Do you not see the difference between throwing something at someone and throwing something to them? Captain America is a master with the use of the shield which is why Taskmaster copied his moves and carried one himself. By comparing what he does to a game is downplaying how skilled someone would have to be to hit moving targets with a thrown object. Vance Astro (my namesake) has been shown to throw the shield threw nearly impossible obstacles even without guiding it with his powers and Cap is his superior in that area.

@acrokat said:

I'm just going to leave Daredevil out of this because it's kind of derailing but Dick has hit Dr. Light with enough precision to cause his suit to short out and did so in a split-second after dodging his light blast. There are many more examples of Dick exploiting weaknesses and weak points but it's time consuming to look for them.

Good because this feat isn't even in the realm of what I was talking about.

@acrokat said:

Most other physical attributes? In speed he's moved faster than speeding cars and faster than the eye could see, even closed the distance on Owen Mercer and disarmed him before he could do anything. Reaction speed he's caught and redirected missiles after they were fired, blocked bullets after they were fired, reacted to speedsters multiple times, dodged a bullet as it was leaving the barrel of the gun, moved too fast for supwehumans. Strength he quickly forced his way out of an orca's bite underwater, has held back superhumanly strong people, flexed his way out of being frozen. Striking he shattered titanium, hurt superhumans with direct hits on many occasions etc... What did I miss? Dick is superhuman. Yes Cap has the serum but by feats he's as fast as or slower than a lot of street level characters. Much stronger than a lot of them though.

I started to break this all down but honestly it doesn't really make a difference whether Nightwing is superhuman or he isn't because Cap is too what matters is what actual advantages one has over the other. I've seen a lot of people arguing in favor for Nightwing talk about his acrobatic ability and superior agility but does that actually give him an advantage over Cap. I believe that's why Daredevil was brought up in the first place, correct? A character who is a superhuman level acrobat with a radar sense who can seemingly dodge anything but that Cap has no problem getting his hands on and fighting his fight?

@acrokat said:

What non-superhumans have hit Nightwing without context involved?

How about every single one he's ever fought? Roy Harper, Cheshire, Dorian Chase, Shrike etc. I mean I could go through the catalog and just pull out every time he gets hit by someone who isn't superhuman but the fact of the matter is Nightwing isn't untouchable and he never has been. The same goes for Cap. You don't HAVE TO be superhuman to get hits off on either of them so if you are it's just that much easier.

@acrokat said:

. There's also so many skill feats for Dick, do you want me to show you?

Of course.

@acrokat said:

And there's also the fact that Cap is outgunned in gear.

I already addressed this and I don't believe this to be true. If you can give me an instance where Dick evened the odds with his arsenal against someone who is not only superhuman but also has extensive skill showings we can go from there.

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Didn't Batman need Flash's help to beat New 52 Bane?

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@vance_astro: who said anything about street fighter alpha? And you don't know what is and isn't canon in SF because you obviously don't read it.

See, you already don't know what you're talking about.

Read through the thread. I'm not repeating myself. If you want feats of what I said search for them.

But your going on block anyway.

First of all, watch your tone when you talk to me and any other user for that matter, second of all if you don't want to respond to what I'm asking you then don't. Don't ever in your life condescend to me like that again.

I asked you specific questions. The Street Fighter Alpha Manga and the Udon Comics are not canon to the video games.

The Sagat feat you were talking about is one that I believe I saw in that Manga if not then where does that feat come from? In what game did Sagat catch Machine Gun bullets?

And LASTLY what feats do Akuma or Gill have in terms of speed. Again DON'T tell me what to do..i'm not reading through the thread..i'm asking you NOW. If you don't want to tell me than don't but if you respond to me with something disrespectful you will regret it.

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@vance_astro: based on the fact Sagat caught machine gun bullets with his bare hands. Without ki around his fist.

The Street Fighter Alpha manga isn't canon.

And I'm not downplaying anything.

You just did.

Stop double tagging me and say what you have to in one message.

Don't tell me what to do.

But don't bother. Akuma/Gouki wrecks

I'm still waiting for you to legitimize this with an actual argument.

And ryu after Oro training is about to fight Gill who has better speed than anyone mentioned in this thread.

Again..based on what feats?

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And Iron Fist is not faster than Akuma.

Based on what feats?