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    Hey, Tony! Thanks for being awesome! Happy 4th of July!
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    Tears. Freaking tears came to my eyes when I saw the Falcon. My hands shot in the air and I was a kid again. It was amazing!

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    Something I like in big crossovers is when you have people who wouldn't normally work together in their monthlies team up to get something done. This was set up to be that, but fell completely flat ...

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    Don't Trust Darius Dax

    Unemployed investigative journalist, Diana Dane, is approached by "Strategic Forecaster," Darius Dax, to look into some strange happenings."Written by Warren Ellis," is always a double-edged sword fo...

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    A Fresh Look

    I'll agree with most everyone on the interwebs, this is FAR better than the book we had when the New 52 kicked off. No offense to the creative teams that worked on the last volume, but this one issu...

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    Clunky & Dysfunctional

    I haven't written a review in a long time, but I felt compelled to write one about this comic. You might think that someone would come out of review writing retirement for something they truly loved...