Welcome to Basin "Sin" City

I got a hold of two spectacular graphic novels by none other than Frank Miller. I started with The Hard Goodbye, this was a perfect glimpse into the nasty underbelly of Sin City. Marv is a terrific character, he is never too cliched and always well-drawn, not just in the artistic sense. His motivation can seem muddled at times, but Marv is his own motivator at times. At one point I really admired his over-bearing sense of chivalry.

Marv is not ordinary in any sense of the word. What he does, people would call irrational and perhaps psychotic, but as Dwight McCarthy so accurately said about him, he was just born in the wrong century, he could have been a warrior or a gladiator.

I can't wait to read the rest of the series, this is a great start so far!


Plus Sin City 2 should impress even more than the first!