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@agent ace: The oxen were wisely thrown off course by the smoke and disappeared when they hit the edge of the ring. The assassin rose to his feat and said loudly/joyfully "The time is now! Embrace your destiny. show your potential and claim your spot young blood!" The crowd around the ring shouted in unison "Finish it!" and Hudson made his way down to the ring so he could get the full effect of the battle

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@agent ace: Before the assassin knew it he was unarmed with nothing left but his two already used katanas. With little other option the assassin sticks both of the blades in the fiery pits of the corners and shouts "Now it is do or die young blood!" He throws his fist to the ground below and at that moment the swords shot out of the ground in the form of intimidating oxes made of flame. The beast weren't dangerously fast but they were unbelievably wild and unrelenting against there target, Frank.

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@agent ace: The well aimed jab makes contact with the official assassin's ribs and the crowd around the ring erupts into loud chants. Hudson watching from above leans in a bit more to really watch the match closely now. "Good hit. You'll make a good addition to the team!" the assassin says with some sign of pain. The assassin then disappears again and then reappears close to the fiery edge of the ring. He quickly sheaths his blades and throws shuriken encased in flames at frank. Literally as soon as he is out of shuriken he lights the spiked end of his nunchucks on fire and charges with quick speed once again at Frank aiming for debilitating blows to his torso.

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@QN5: Just saying that looks like a pretty interesting moment between Mr.Stark and the man of Iron...

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@Icarusflies: He's freaking hilarious. But I'm sad to say I little to no clue who these musical performers are... At first I thought the were called Harlem shake and i was really excited

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@QN5 said:

@Evander_Slade: RAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!

So rule #34 is true... If it exists, there is porn of it

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@agent ace: The assassin rushed at Frank with furious speed and right out of the gate was going for kill shots with his two katanas. As soon as the match had officially started the ring's corners were lit on fire so that no one could just back out. "You must be smart now. Death is staring you straight in the face young blood! I believe you can beat me but do you? Do you really believe?"

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Always really wanted to post here, but I just don't know what to do. Recruit? Kill? Set up new base?

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My favorite time of the week right now. When SNL is on

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@agent ace: The assassin replied to his curious statement "Yeah I remember when I was in your position newbie. At the end of the match I really had to make a life effecting choice: what was more important? The mission or the man. And you will have to make that decision too. I heard that back in Hudson's they the loser of the level one match had there scalp cut off by the victor." The official assassin took two katanas, spiked nunchucks, and a hand full of shuriken (throwing stars) from the weapons wall and said enthusiastically "I sure hope you don't lose new blood!" He then entered the sparing ring and positioned him self to the far southwest corner. The stands around the ring filled with other ninjas dress in such clean white that it looked they were all forming a snow wall. Hudson watched the match from a room above the ring.