Don't run from a SENTRY

The late night's air is filled with the unpleasant screeching of a small liquor store's alert siren as it's being rob by two uninvited robbers. Naturally small time cops rush there way to the event if for nothing else to handle a threat they know they can deal with in such an world with so many super powered beings. Among those thrill thirsty cops is August R. Jonon or Carter Truise as his co-workers referred to him. August was only there to make sure the offenders got what he felt was justice.

Soon the cops arrive at the scene but,

The perpetrators are long gone into the unfavorable darkness of the night. Some investigators arrive at the store to talk to those who saw the whole thing go down and some of the cops just sit in there cars basically praying that one of the crooks shows up so that they'll run and start some type of chase or commotion that only the cops themselves can defuse. After a good devotion of time the investigators and witnesses where able to conclude that there where three light weight, but intricately armed and dangerous criminals that robbed the store. They stole a few drinks and what ever sum of money they could just before speeding away in a stolen armored truck.

August/Carter gets permission to take off for the night after much request from his will-broken-sheriff and sets out to get things done his way.

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Every second as he swings through the busy night looking for the crooks, the sound of the city below him keep him motivated and awake. Sure it was unlikely that anyone down there was even the same species as him self, but their lives where just as valuable to August anyways. The dark of the night was just another obstacle in the way of the crooks long ride back to safety, to August the darkness was another ace up his sleeve that he had no problem exploiting and unfortunately the armor of the truck wasn't enough to shield the perp's heat signature from their trackers unusual vision. They soon make a sharp turn onto a highway hoping for a more straight shot home, thought truck's became more of a swerve when the SENTRY's (August) weight came crashing down on it. At first all of those inside didn't panic, but as soon as one of them saw their predator's menacing physique through leaning out his window they lost it. Now they were skidding from one side of the highway to another, just barely missing oncoming drivers. If only they were on absolutely any other highway that night there would without a doubt be a huge crash coming up at hand, but their planning did pay off in certain aspects. To hopefully ensure that no accident would happen on August's hands he uses his telekinetic powers to strip all control of the vehicle away from it's previous driver and send it flying into the woods beside the highway.

The driver didn't make the crash, but the two passengers did through what some might consider pure luck alone.

The two of them slowly made their way out the severely damaged vehicle through crawling and met up at a nearby oak-tree that was sturdy enough to keep them up for the moment. They intermingle for a bit, very unabashedly sharing their anger with the world and then attempt to limp away, but are stopped very abruptly in their tracks when a speeding bullet zips past their faces.

"Who's out there'a HUH! Show yourself you punk a-"

A fist emerges from what seemed to be only shadows and clocks the one brave enough to talk square in the jaw

Still from the shadows a clear yet slightly raspy voice says "You've both been a accused with the felony of robbing possessions far over 500 dollars, breaking and entering, going 20-38 miles over the speed limit, vehicle theft, attempted murder, and various other illegal crimes... How do you plead?"

Both of the two are dead silent with chills for a second, but then the one wasn't just recently punched says "This is some BS man! Who the **** are ya anyways man? Some sort of crooked cop or somethin' huh? Ah swear i'll gut you like a fish bro" The man throws a punch at August, but only clearly brakes something of his own on impact and falls to the ground.

"So you plead guilty i assume" And just as soon as August pulls out his pistols to give them their penalty the sound of several cop car sirens scream in the air and to August alert potently dangerous situation where he is forced to have to battle his own comrades so he say "Well it looks like you guys missed all the action, oh well maybe next time! You just made these two crooks the luckiest of the night!" He says almost jokingly as he backs away into the darkness of the night.

(To be clear August isn't a straight up Judge dredd-like killer usually this is more of a lead in then anything else ;)