Superheroes fighting real war?

 Remember back when our comic book heroes were fighting Nazis? When Superman would hand out some class-A pain to our nation's enemies? Does anyone think that that would work today? I know that there is a level of political iffiness surrounding the current war, but I personally would like a story arc where a character is dispatched to the red zone. The character I created for this site would be exclusively for this purpose, so that is why I was interested in this.


Favorite Story Type?

What is your favorite story type? Do you like the slightly old-fashioned crime story line, with schemes revolving around materialistic crimes, or do you prefer end-of-the-world-ancient-sumerian-demon-super-complex-apocalypse stories? To simplify, do you prefer the days of crime gangs and bank robbery, or is reality warping and human extinction more your style?
Personally, I like a "normal" crime story line, but I do like to have some depth to it. For instance, a bank robbery or money laundering scheme could lead to a bigger plot. The more complex plots aren't really my style.


Why do super-females dress so skimpy?

Why do super-heroines dress little better than hookers? If I was going to spend my free time getting shot at, blown up, burned, etc. I would want protection. Who would want to face a wave of gunfire in panties and a bra? Emma Frost, for example, dresses like she's about ready for a college-style fraternity orgy. (Her wardrobe as seen here.) Seriously, is this just to sell more comics, or do the writers seriously think that crime fighters would prance around in their pajamas?