Magneto: Nearly endless possibilities...

Master of Magnetism.

Seriously, Magneto's control over the electromagnetic spectrum gives him so many powers and abilities that it isn't even funny. Messing with radiowaves, forcefields of incredible power, diamagnetism, (Plus that gives you the power to scoff and mock your opponent when they express to their surprise "But I'm not wearing anything metallic!") flight (no need to drive) and all of the practical uses for his powers. Aiding the military would be a breeze, building structures, etc, etc, etc. Quite the power.

As much as I love characters like Spider-Man, Hulk, other X-Men and so forth, Magneto's above all else would be the one I'd grab in a heartbeat.
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For epic awesomeness...

Spider-Man. Hands down. My favorite super-hero and we both have smart mouths. We have a bit in common, but I'd love to hear some of the scientific things he would probably babble about, or we could spend time with Black Cat. XD

But seriously, I could imagine myself having plenty of fun with him.

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