THANKS A LOT COMICVINE (and a message from Kira)



Hiiii. . . sorry. . . yeah, I know. . . I'm sorry. Sometimes I'm back and sometimes I'm not. I'm sorry.

But I'm here now to tell you guys that I wrote a book! Very exciting (for me anyway)!

It's called Adamant, and this is the cover:


Yes, It's very tiny here, but it's actually really big.

This is what it's about:

"Adamant is the story of what happens when sassy gods meet sassy teenagers.

Kate Smyth was getting along, she was doing fine. Her mom was dead, but lots of people’s parents are dead. Her father had mysteriously vanished when she was 10, but lots of people’s fathers mysteriously vanish when they’re 10.

But an unfortunate hair-dyeing incident is just the first of Kate’s problems, as people vanish from all over the Pacific Northwest. A party connects Kate with the shadowy Erebus and the easy-breezy West, who may be more godly than they let on at first glance.

Teenager-eating sea monsters are fought, people are sassy, and demons are confronted as Kate begins a journey that will reconnect her with her father, introduce her to a gorgon, and put her in the path of two of the oldest gods of the Greek pantheon."

I'd really really really appreciate it if you checked it out (here) in the kindle store, and it's also posted (here) on Smashwords.

Thanks guys, and again I'm sorry I keep vanishing for. . . months on end. . .


Super Anatomy

This has probably been pointed out a million million times

But I have no problem with the crazy proportions present in a lot of comic book art. I don't mind the crazy way that ladies are presented, not really.

What bothers me is that they do that, and then they neuter males superheroes. Like, really? WW gets breasts big enough to snap her spine in half, but you can't give Supes anatomically accurate pants? You can give them shoulders five feet wide and 16 inch hips, but lawd forbid they have anything going on downstairs.

Like I said, this has probably been posted a hundred and fifty different ways and I'll bet it even shows up on the same page as the page I post this on. . .

*Yes, I am still alive*


Some new art :3

Hey guys! I'm sorry it's been so long since I made an art post. Here's some stuff I've done in the last little while! :D

The main character of my next book, her name is Sophie -- please note that she has no relation to Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle, she just happens to have the same hair color since the original color was too buttery-looking.
The main character of my next book, her name is Sophie -- please note that she has no relation to Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle, she just happens to have the same hair color since the original color was too buttery-looking.


Okay you guys, I know I haven't been on the Vine a lot lately, and for that I apologize. Between deciding I want to do this writing thing for a living, then deciding to commit suicide by word count and enter NaNoWriMo, followed by the emotional crippling I received from the Hunger Games Trilogy (READ THOSE BOOKS, MAN. EVERYONE READ THE HUNGER GAMES), as well as having a job and a Tumblr, and going on the most amazing vacation a geek like me could have had, I've been doing a lot of writing that you guys haven't seen much of. Plus I've been getting over the burnout from all that hardcore vacationing. Poor me ;}


You all probably know I've been on Tumblr A LOT lately. Some of you were big fans of my Asguardian series, and frankly, I miss my Anthy and Balder. I feel like some of my best work was just poured into that fic, my heart and soul and hours of sleep. At the time it was some of the best, I've been told, but frankly, it just can't compete anymore! Such brilliant writers have come forward and started posting, and I've gotten much better myself.

I've decided to edit and repost Asguardian and Midguardian on Tumblr on it's own blog, is basically what all this rambling is about!


So I wrote a book!

Sterling went live not too long ago! Please check it out if you're interested, and if you don't have a Kindle, Amazon has a free Kindle reading app :}


A sketch of Sigyn from my new HiddlesLoki fic. . .

I swore I'd never be writing the type of fic I am. . . but I suppose it's a little different from the usual HiddlesLoki fics so it's a little better. . . but that face. . .  
Anyway, so here's my version of Sigyn :D  


Once I find my stylus, I'll try and remember to color it :D


Man, I love sketching. If I could make money doing only sketching, I'd so be an artist.   
These two are my favorite characters from one of my books, I loves dem ^^ Seriously, they're some of my favorite characters I've ever made up. . . 

 Doctor Riordan (and the spoiler sketches)
 Doctor Riordan (and the spoiler sketches)
 Sophie Logan (not Sophie Callahan)
 Sophie Logan (not Sophie Callahan)

OMG. . . where have I been.. . .

Hey guise! Okay, so I know I kinda up and disappeared and even though I've been online, I haven't been doing much -- Well, i got distracted. My dad came to visit and I started writing my books again, and then I discovered TUmblr O_O SO addicting.  
So if it matters, that's why I haven't posted anything new in a while, or been active on the forums like, at all, or been commenting on or reading fics. 


Re: Build me a playlist Contest

Hey guys! Because I'm lazy, busy, and into my own personal projects at the moment, I have decided to postpone the contest until next saturday.  
I also want to take this time to tell you how the winners will be chosen -- I will make a poll and let you guys vote on the best, most accurate playlists that you feel suit the stories and characters best.