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Well her beginning mutant powers affect probablity, which other mutants can do, only she focuses hers into "hexes" or hex bolts. Then she took up mgaic training under Agatha Harkness. Which gave her greater control over her "hexing" of probability. Though writers have written her as affecting reality the entire time, then the whole "Chaos Magic" thing, it got very muddled. The breakdown is this, her mutant abilites are probablity manipulation. Her magical training and connection to Chaos magic feeds into it. These factors allow her to warp reality different from other warpers because of the probablity powers. Most warpers need an existing reality to warp, Wanda only needs a possibilty, since possibilites are endless and she can effect the outcomes through manipualting probabiliy, she pretty much has the cheat codes for the entire universe.

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Now when the topic of jean not exisiting as a possible host, is it just the 616 universe or all together? If it is at all, across all realities and timelines, the rachel Grey should not be an option. Now as far as my psionic mutant choice, I'm going with Exodus. He has telepathic and telekintic abilites, with astral plane projection in his power set. Not to mention other great abilites. Then for non-psionic I choose Havok. He can passively absorb cosmic energy, but he can actively drain and absorb energy from the stars itself at close range. also he fly and survive unaided in a vacuum on his own powers.

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Wow, this piece is really intense and great! I have always like Alex over Scott. He has so much potential, he is the nexus for all over existing Alex Summers. Also with his battles in space he has been free to use more power and develop toward a new path. He could actually be a mutant evolve toward a cosmic status without the help of the Phoenix or in the Scarlet Witch case, reality warping  through the use of magic and mutant abilites.
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Xerox-kitty I do believe you would make an excellent conspiracy theorist. Also I just remembered a character that maybe related to this. If anyone has been paying attention to Destiny's lineage, Blindfold has a brother! Look into it.
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@Hawkeye446 said:
"@xerox-kitty said:
" @Thunderscream said:
" so the guy in the helmet is Wolverine, not Avalanche? "
What makes you say that? 
@Thunderscream said:
In chapter 3, Wolverine basically says the closest thing he's seen to a telepath is Karma or Vertigo, but that "Everyone knows there's no mutant powers can affect the mind."
So...Psylocke never had teke powers in her British body, are we to assume she's always had access to both and would've eventually developed teke without Jean's aid? "
Yup. It's what I've suspected.  There seems to be a reason to keep the telepaths under control... and secret from everyone else. 
I hope this isn't going to be a dream scenario, but it's looking increasingly likely that there isn't a world outside the Force Walls.  Which is why Katherine Pryde's camera had blank photographs.  Something out there is creating 'human's to fight the mutants, but the level of detail is slipping (hence the duplicated dogtags).  The fact that Legacy remembers Xavier but doesn't understand why & Gambit instinctively ran to Legacy's aid without even knowing why suggests that these are the real characters that we all know & love.  However, they've been confused on a greater level than ever before.  The telepaths would easily be able to spot the psychic ruse & attack it.   
 Who could fool everyone on such a grand scale?  We already know that Magneto has the two Mastermind girls working for him.  It's possible that they're feeding off Xavier's psychic powers while he's comatose, or that they're being boosted by another psychic or even 'X'.  Then there's the lack of already deceased characters. Usually in an alternate reality, we have a plethora of characters who've been dead in the regular Marvel U for years.  It's always an easy way to please fans who want to see their favourite corpses back in action.    So far there's only Jean & Moira.  Revenant hasn't even spoken yet, and the X-Communiques make it clear that no-one is sure whether she's still a human being under all the fiery effects.  As for Moira, she acts almost as strict & severe as when she was possessed by the Shadow King, so she ould be some sort of psychic echo constructed from Legion's mind (Moira was more of a mother to him than Gabby Haller, and the last time he saw her was when they were both possessed by the Shadow King.  Legion remained in a coma after that, and when he finally woke up he caused the Age of Apocalypse).  Could someone have created psychic shadows that look & act like real people?  Or... is it a pocket universe that feeds off characters who were accidentally sucked in from Earth-616?  After all, they did discover that the dimensional borders were still weak from Emplate's attack.  It's like Blindfold said: Everyone is confused.  Everyone is someone else. "
Wow, a lot of thought, I can't wait to see it unfold more! "

I see that making sense, and I feel that way at times when going over it, but in the X-Communiques there where areas and instances including mutants and opposing forces before Magneto brought about Fortress X. Not to mention it was Gyrich making these reports containing the communiques, but who is he sending them to?
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Proteus was spread to keep from reforming for a long time. Proteus wasn't killed, Magneto just delayed him for awhile, not to mention that Proteus has shown up in a different reality before. He was originally dispersed by Colossus and brought back by the scarlet Witch during House of M, he then jumped to other dimensions and came across the Exiles. Not entirely  implausible for Proteus to pop up somewhere else.
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I think X is Proteus. In the 616 his mom refers to him as Mutant X for awhile. Proteus is also a reality warping mutant, telepaths would be aware if he started randomly changing things. He most likely has been body hopping to keep himself toghether, and hides far away from other mutants to monitor them, and stay secretive as possible about hi goings on. Telepaths pose a threat, Magik teleports and uses spells, and Kitty in her phased state would hard to catch or manipulate. He may have been using genius level or technology based mutants as his monitoring sytems ( i.e. Sage, Prodigy, Black Box, and Forge).
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I don't know if anyone else had noticed this, but Blindfold has a lot of crazy mess happen in her prescence. During her storytelling, the children were dragged into Limb, and. now, she feels an entity which leads up to the Age of X reality. I know she is a precog, but it seems as if someone is causing these things to happen around her and the other X-Men. It was said by her relative the precog mutant Destiny that her mother died protecting her from her brother. It sounds as if I'm grasping at straws, but it is not out of the realm of possibility. I'm just stating that there has been a lot of events, realities, and beings that Blindfold as felt or seen coming that no one else can.
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I see the possibilty of the Sinister/Pryor connection, I just find the fact that she wields the Phoenix Force now, when it was stated that Jean is and will be the most complete host combination with the Phoenix Force. I mean she has been named th White Phoenix of the Crown, so with that level of combination, why start all over with a new host? As a newborn her prescence cause Cerebra to explode, Hope's detection by other psychics seemed impossible. As a small child she was proficient in hand to hand combat and survival skills, and twin emblems of the phoenix Raptor appeared in her eyes. As a teen she showed breif glimpses of differnet powers, and it wasn't until she fought Bastion, that she kicked it into high gear. Her mom was never specifically stated to be a mutant, and we don't know who her biological dad is. Maybe, just maybe(I believe) she is a product of the Phoenix Force itself.
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I think at some point he reproduced before he started jumping from body to body. He was very much about survival of the fittest and immortality, so he would his legacy to continue on. Also it is stated that the Clan Akkaba are his genetic descendents, and the clan symbol tattoed on their bodies had asize respective to the amount of power or the blood of Apocalypse in them. 
Wikipedia -  Domination

When Apocalypse fully realized his power and defeated the Pharaoh and his army, Egypt entered a new age, one in which his children walked among them. Apocalypse forged his clan, now called Clan Akkaba, after his birthplace and those who had abandoned him and left him to die. During this time the site of Akkaba reached somewhat of a renaissance as great monuments were erected there, whether by Apocalypse, his descendants, or by the new Pharaoh, no one knows.

The clan at this point began forming customs, whether by Apocalypse's will or their own accord. They lived by the survival of the fittest creed and the members of the clan would deceive, betray and even kill their own relations merely for a chance to be deemed closest to Apocalypse . Egypt peaked and so too did the clan's influence on the world. With attacks by Alexander the Great and his Persian armies, Apocalypse and his kin fought valiantly in a battle he would never forget . This battle helped him winnow out the weak in his clan and as Egypt became nothing but a distant memory the clan's influence moved on to Ancient Rome.     

  • Tattoo

Clan members are branded whether at birth or while very young. The amount of Apocalypse's blood found in the child's system or strength of the bloodline determines the size of the tattoo that one receives. This is seen in Hamilton and Chamber, who have strong doses of Apocalypse's blood, while the murdered members in the 18th century had a tiny tattoo right behind their ear. 
I don't think sexuality is a notion for the Big Blue, it is the idea of having progeny waging wars in his name.    

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