Copenhagen Comics day one.

More or less just got home from the first day of Copenhagen Comics. Copenhagen Comics is a convention it is the biggest in Denmark however still small (a few hundreds attended). The most well know names was Brian Azzarello, Charlie Adlard and Frazer Irving. Copenhagen Comics don't only celebrate American comics but all kind of comics another big name there was the manga creator Jiro Taniguchi

Frazer Irving spoke about his artwork and how he works. I however sadly missed this because I thought it was later in the afternoon and not 11 am. Same on me. I did get my TPB of Batman and Robin: Batman and Robin Must Die! signed though.

Charlie Adlard spoke about his work on The Walking Dead and how it was working with Robert Kirkman (Charlie had totally freedom over the art and rarely send any pencils to Robert at all. Other notable mentions was that at least Robert had a plan about how The Walking Dead should end (if that was still the plan Adlard didn't know). And that the series would end before it went down hill. To the signing I got a pretty high number (82) at first I didn't took much notice of it because I thought it was only signings. However he also did sketches and aloud of small talk with the fans. So I was a bit worried if I got my TPB volume 2 signed. However Adlard stayed for an extra hour. This was very cool and a good fan service and due to this I got my Volume 2 both signed and it got a quick sketch of a zombie. In general he seemed very friendly and happy.

Brian Azzarello was first signing in a both that was held by the biggest comic store in Denmark. To my surprise not that many there to get anything signed. However tomorrow he will speak with his wife (Jill Thompson) about there work, so he will probably signed there as well. Today he was in a panel about Superman do the 75th year anniversary. He was there with Teddy Kristiansen (a danish penciler that have drawn a few Superman stories) and Marvel Morten (he translated more or less all the danish Marvel from the start 80's to mid 00's. He has also sold comics for 30+ years and have been reading them for 50. He is cult with in the danish comic culture.) Peter Snejbjerg (another danish penciler) should have been there as well but wasn't there. It wasn't the best discussion also due to sound problems. The most interesting part was that Azzarello always looked for weakness in a character to make a story good and the character interesting.

To night the night there will be Ping award show. However I'm not going mainly because it cost and additional fee and because I don't know many of the nominees. However I will attend tomorrow mainly to hear Azzarello speak about his work.

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Background material used for Iron Man 3

Lego Iron Man 3 poster
Lego Iron Man 3 poster

Well not to much has been revealed besides that A lot of armors if the lego Iron Man 3 poster is to be trusted. This would indicated that the story arch Armor Wars would somehow be in the storyline. However how the Mandarin that has been revealed to be in the movie fits in still unknown. However War Machine that was introduced in Iron Man 2 is also going to be in Iron Man 3 then I have a idea what the story could be.

Cover of War Machine 8 the cover of the TPB according to amazon If use it will get new text front.
Cover of War Machine 8 the cover of the TPB according to amazon If use it will get new text front.

Now I'm not the most knowledgeable person about Iron Man but I stumble over this TPB going to be released May 13. I think it would fit in perfectly if Hands of the Mandarin is a part of the storyline for the Iron Man 3. The release of the tab fits remarkable well with the movie release. All the characters is in the movie are in the story. So maybe Mandarin's role is that he will get the Heart of Darkness. So what do you guys think is I'm way of or will Hands of the Mandarin going to be a part of the Iron Man 3 movie?


Was it morally wrong when Matt saved the blind man as a kid?

If you haven't read Daredevil: Father, stop reading this blog it is essential you have read it or else it doesn't make sense and will spoil a very good Daredevil story. Consider yourself warned, There will be no spoiler alert/spoiler marks.

Read the story? If yes let us roll, if not your problem.

Now I first breakdown the scenario and afterwards give the reasons why it was wrong by Matt to save the old man.

In Daredevil Father the lunatic serial killer Socket goes around and killing people Matt has had as lawyer because she had an obsession with Matt Murdock. Now her father was the old kind blind man Matt saved. Kind as in the Silver Age now in the modern day he is a father who molested her own daughter. This is given as some of the reason or at least Socket does show when she whispers to Matt. Now how has this anything to do with Matt and why does that make saving the father a morally wrong choice you might ask.

Well if we look at utilitarianism (a moral theory primarily found among English philosophers). This theory was first coin by Jeremy Bentham. The idea is that you should act so that greatest aggregate happiness among all sentient beings, within reason. Therefore it was wrong since it would had stopped Maggie (Socket) from getting molested or it would never had happened. There is not being given a clear time for when it started nor stopped. I would say Maggie is around the same age as Matt, but that is a guess. Matt would also not have been blinded. Now Maggie and other people could have been depressed if her father was died that day. However that is though to call who many and how sad. Directly we only have Matt sadness about being blind and Socket sadness for being molested. However you could take it a step further. Let us say that Maggie never would have become Socket if the father was died that day. Wouldn't it then have been better if he had died? Well for Maggie and Sockets victims without a doubt. But this day also changed Matt Murdock it is because of this that he could become Daredevil. Daredevil has all things put together in a utilitarian viewpoint done more good than harm (or at least I believe so, if not there would be no reason for being a vigilante) even though Matt's life as Daredevil also has given a great deal of pain his friends, families and love ones. So all in all it is rather tough to call if it was right or wrong to save the man's live. However I think that Matt's is regretting he saved the man's live. I think Matt believes it wasn't worth for him and it have been better of just let him die. no, I'm not saying you shouldn't rescue a man (or woman for that matter) if he/she is about to get hit by a truck. The point was more to take a philosophic view of the most important day in both Matt's live.


Bendis has become a swiper

I will let the pictures talk for themselves as I think they are pretty clear.


This is not my own discovery and the pictures are taking from here:


Which Daredevil origin is the best for a newcomer?

I will the following going through the different origin stories there has been told for the Daredevil which to read and which to avoid. The blog will deal with the following four TPB’s Marvel Masterworks: Daredevil #1 , Daredevil: Season One . Daredevil: The Man Without Fear and Daredevil: Yellow

Daredevil: Marvel’s MasterWorks vol. 1

The first eleven issues have been combined in this TPB. It tells the origin of Daredevil How he got his powers, how he lost his father and how this made him want to fight for justice outside the law. It also tells a lot of first fights with classic Daredevil villains like the Owl , Purple Man , Matador , Mr. Fear and Stilt-Man . Yeah some of them weren’t the most fearsome and have when Daredevil went darker not been the most used villains. However they are still a part of essential Daredevil lore. However there is some problem with this trade. It hasn’t aged that well. The story is told rather childish and also to much tell and to little show compared to modern comics. For instance Stan Lee introduces the issue two like this:

Show me don't tell me, please.
Show me don't tell me, please.

That whole first caption could have been erased with ease. You really are reason to mention the action and suspense is going to happen also it is no real wonder I’m just in time. It would be kind of weird if I was not in time. I mean that would more be the creators fault and not mine if that was the case. Luckily we have gone away from an omniscient narrator and using an third person narrator typical from the heroes viewpoint but from time to time also from supporting characters and letting it up to the reader putting the story together rather than it being told. The drawings are also aged and I will probably get hatred for this. The background is for many part missing and is just one color or is down really simple. The coloring is also to bright and to cartoonish than we have today and will probably scare a lot of young readers away. The characters also lack some kind of depth. For instance Karen Page has already found out that she wants to marry Matt in issue 2, he just needs to ask her. Pretty amazing that Karen wants to get marry with Matt when you considering that they aren’t even dating at this moment. Another problem is that a standard page is typical also told with about 6-8 (even 9) panels. I prefer a more lose storytelling with a page having 5-7 panels. Maybe the difference doesn’t sound of much but it is roughly 22+ panels more per issue. Roughly 4 page more scrambled in the same amount of pages. Last but not least the ongoing talking to yourself habit that comics had around this time. I don’t know why a lot of writers have been so knee on making dialog balloons instead of thought balloons.

A bit schizophrenic don't you think?
A bit schizophrenic don't you think?

Verdict: It is worth a buy. However be aware that this not for everyone because it is dated. So either you must be a young reader that can look away from it dated trends or be an old comic book reader there for some reason haven’t checkout Daredevil. Bonus is there is many ways to use a billy club, many of them you wouldn't even believe.

Daredevil: Season One

If it ain't broke don't fix it
If it ain't broke don't fix it
Why change something you don't need to change?
Why change something you don't need to change?

This story retells the first 6 issue along with a new bigger overall story. This is not a bad idea at all however it isn’t done as good as it could have been done. The overall new story that combines the story works fine maybe not the best story but this I in generally don’t have a problem with. My main concern is that the background issues aren’t told very well. The stories is told in about 6-8 pages and with about 5-7 panels per pages (some even four). This means that the olds stories where about 26 pages (if you have spread the panels out in the old days) has now to be told in 6-8 pages that is about 1/3 of the space you use to. This mean the story is told very fast and generally only got the fight scenes in a ultra short version. Therefore the reason for the fight seems a little weird and don’t give that much sense. A minor detail is that some events been changed for no real reason. When Fantastic Four need Matt Murdock as a lawyer because of some problem with their leasing they leave the town because they a getting a reward in Washington, but in the new story they are going to fight Doctor Doom or something. While it isn’t something important it just seems unnecessary to change. The art isn’t always great. While the backgrounds and coloring logical are much better, somehow the faces sometimes lack expression, emotions and details. Here the old stories actually deliver much better.

Verdict: While it for new readers might be an easy introduction there isn’t much to get here for the readers that have read some Daredevil. Here it would be better to stick with the original, if you can handle it. A bonus is you get the first issue of Mark Ward’s run of Daredevil and therefore could be a good introduction for new readers.

Daredevil: The Man without Fear.

Now this is my favorite of the lot. I know some don’t consider it canon and think it lacks Karen in the story. While the story takes place before matt and Nelson even gets a law firm it is just logical she isn’t in the story simply because they haven’t meet. For me this gives something new and something fresh. Yeah you get a lot of the story in the flashbacks told in Millers run. However I think it gives something new. For instance I like the detail that you see Matt Murdock’s father fight in something like Daredevil costume and therefore implied that Matt took the red costume to honor his dad.


However the book is not without problems. There are some inconsistency between the flashbacks and The Man without Fear. Considering that Frank Miller is the writer on both books this is kind of disappointing. Yeah I know The Man without Fear maybe shouldn’t be canon (even though that Typhoid Mary later was retro coned to be in this as well) and that it was first written to be a movie.

How Matt and Elektra first meet are told very different. In The man without Fear Daredevil sense Elektra when he is out running and jump in her car the next day in the original story the meet at campus. I personally like The Man without Fear is better it gives more to the Daredevil/Matt Murdock and Elektra relationship. How Matt meet Elektra with the sense rather than it is clumsy Foggy Nelson who drops some books. This is not the only difference their goodbye is also very different. Here daredevil fight some thugs that have Elektra hostage her father dies in this scene. In The Man without fear this scene is gone. Elektra and Matt says goodbye when Elektra gets the news about her father. Here I like the old story better it gives more to their relationship


However I still feel the book gives something extra and gives a deeper understanding about Matt and Elektra ’s love. This origin story also tells how Matt’ got to know Stick , what he learned and why the broke the bond. The relationship with Stick wasn’t something that was told too much about in the original Frank Miller run so it is nice it got dealt with more here.

Verdict: This is the Daredevil Origin to go for! This gives a good introduction to the darker Daredevil and it gives an extra level and insight in Matt’s relationships with Stick and Elektra .

Daredevil: Yellow

For me this has never been an origin story. However many see it as a such and I have therefore include it. However this should not be your first Daredevil book. You should have at least read Daredevil: Born Again and Daredevil: Guardian Devil l before you read this. I won’t spoil here but the story is about Daredevil ’s time in the yellow outfit told due to the events in Daredevil: Guardian Devil . To fully understand Guardian Devil you have to read Born again first. Keep you away from this. I also found it weird that Mr. Fear was not in the story it is the last fight Daredevil had in the yellow jersey the fight against Matador is only shown in one panel and is put before the fight against Purple Man and not after as it should be. However I guess Matt has a bad memory. That the Matador story is not in it i think is a bit weird since it shows the split feelings Foggy, Karen Page and Matt has about their love triangle. I real don’t get why this get recommended as beginners book. You find out Karen Page is dead, if you don’t know how she is then it is all just got spoil. If you do know she is dead it is still not a good book since it focus too much about the relationship between Matt and Karen had. Know Karen have been dead for some years. Daredevil even got his revenge against Bullseye that is now dead.

Verdict: It spoils events happened in Guardian Devil so I therefore don’t think this is good for a beginner book. A person how wants to dig deeper and understand Daredevil/Matt as a person it is pure gold and a must read. However it is recommended that you first read Daredevil: Born Again then Daredevil: Guardian Devil before you read this.


The first appearance of juggernaut was as a wax figure.. least according to Daredevil Season One. Here are the first six Daredevil issues retold along with a new story that works as the main plot. The story bassed on issue six is first published in February 1965. In the story Matt Murdock, Foggy Nelson and Karen Page are visiting a wax museum own by Zoltan Drago (Mr. Fear). In the Background there is a Wax figure of Juggernaut. However Juggernaut first appearance was not before X-Men 12 released July 1965, 5 months after Daredevil issue 6.

Juggernaut as a wax figure
Juggernaut as a wax figure

There also seems to be a wax figure of Pyro (here I can be mistaken, you can’t see his face). Pyro didn’t appear in marvel before X-Men 141 released January 1981, 16 years later than Daredevil issue 6.

Is this Pyro or somebody else?
Is this Pyro or somebody else?

I’m mistaken about pyro or is it currect that it is him? If it it isn’t Pyro then who is it? Please leave a comment with your thoughts.


Daredevil issue 219 and the Daredevil mythos

For me Daredevil number 219 is one of the more weird Daredevil stories out there. In short the story is about Matt Murdock go to a small town in New Jersey. The reason this story is weird are many: Firstly in is Matt Murdock fighting (litteraly) a corrupt Sheriff and other low life

criminals and not Daredevil. Daredevil does not even appear in the story except on the front cover where he is in the reflection of a pair of sunglasses. Second Matt Murdock does not say one single word in the story. Last but not least it is not taking place in Hell’s Kitchen even though not all Daredevil stories take place in Hell’s Kitchen most of them do and Daredevil is at least in my opinion strongly connected to Hell’s Kitchen. Therefore the story can more or less be put anywhere in DD continuity. All these reason left me thinking what Frank Miller wanted to tell with this story.

How the story can be understood has been taken on by others. For instance has Robert who has the blog Matt Murdock Chronicles (great blog by the way) taken an western look on the story. I will however take another take on it. I will try to take into a Daredevil context and give my views on what it tells about Daredevil or maybe perhaps more about Matt Murdock. For even though I agree with Robert that this at first doesn’t fell like at Daredevil story. I think this is one of the stories that tells very much about Matt Murdock as a person without him talking or even know his thoughts. The only thing we get is his action but then again actions are what define us.

I will take a look on one of Frank Millers well known and popular and in my opinion best stories: Born Again. Here Matt Murdock doesn’t appear as Daredevil for a long run in the story and fight a couple of times as himself. Most notable when he fights the nurse how tries to kill Ben Ulrich’s wife and when he fight against his impostor. It is first in the last two issues of the story arc that Matt takes his costume on and becomes Daredevil again. In my opinion there is the same theme going on. Matt Murdock is fighting without his costume on and is fighting crime as himself and not Daredevil. But what does Frank Miller wanted to tell us with this. Well he has already given us the answer at least about Born Again. In this interview: can skip to 5:00) he says “The hero wasn’t the costume, the costume was just dressing around the hero”.

This is why this issue is such a great issue and actually tells us a lot about Matt Murdock as a person. He doesn’t need the costume to fight criminals he can do it without the costume and outside of court at the same time. It is just easier for him the other way. Even though this issue takes place before Born Again based on the printed chronology you can as I see put it everywhere you want to. I think it gives Born Again a new, different and even better meaning and story if you put this issue in after Karen Page and Matt Murdock hugs in the end of issue 231 and skip issue 232 and 233 which in opinion is misplaced and doesn’t feel the tone for the first part of the story arc. And even though issue 219 has a different tone than Born Again it still works around the same kind of theme.

To sum it all up Matt Murdock maybe seems to be a lawyer that always go by the book and Daredevil is the man seeking revenge when the court system fails. It is not always this dual personality Matt Murdock is also Daredevil when he is just Matt Murdock. It is not just always wise for him to be so.

Please leave a comment bellow. Do you agree or disagree? What are you thoughts about this issue?

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