Comic reading diary: Week 25

OK, from now on, I've decided to post regularly all the issues I've read during the week and my impressions of them. I am not a regular person so maybe this will end very soon. I won't spend much time here so if you expect detailed reviews or something like that you're on the wrong blog.

Also, at the end of each post I'll show the total number of issues read during the week, the best one and the worst one.

Animal Man #0 (2012)

The story of how and why Buddy became Animal Man. I love the main series, but this #0 was a bit disappointing - I expected more from Lemire!

Swamp Thing #0 (2012)

Anton Arcane chewing the head of a unlucky avatar of The Green in the 1800s. And in the present, causing the incident that killed Alec Holland. Not much more than this, to be honest. Another #0 delusion.

The Phantom Stranger #0 (2012)

I can't recall anything interesting about this one. Oh yes, it seems the Phantom Stranger could really be Judas himself. Apart from this, boring stuff.

Sword Of Sorcery #0 (2012)

The main story is about the revived Amethyst character (a soon-to-be member of the JLD), coupled with a neglectable Beowulf back-up feature. At the end of the main story, Constantine doing the bastard once again. Yup!

Wonder Woman #0 (2012)

Azzarello trying to write a story like he was in the Sixties, and it's funny! A 12-years-old Diana meets the Minotaur. Highly connected to the main series plot, we see War in his pre-retirement era, and also a connection between Diana and War's current depressive state is somewhat suggested. Cliff Chiang makes a great job, as usual. One of the most interesting #0s read so far.

The Fury Of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #0 (2012)

Not really a flashback, it's more like a new starting point, recalling briefly what had happened in the past 12 issues and laying the foundations for future plots. Never been a fan of this series.

The Ray #1 (2012)

Very, very funny. Nothing extraordinary OK, but I enjoyed it, although sometimes the monologue is too wordy. I think the dialogues pay much tribute to some TV comedy series. The new Ray is really really new and fresh. Let's see what happens in the next issues.

Fantastic Four #570-578 (2009-2010)

Magnificent. Jonathan Hickman took over as the series' regular writer with these issues, starting with the three-part saga "Solve Everything" in which Reed Richards meets the Interdimensional Council of Reeds and thinks about his future and his role in the world he wants to protect and help. Also in these issues the four-part cycle "Prime Elements". "Days of Future Franklyn" (Fantastic Four #574) is my favourite of the bunch.

Batman Annual #1 (2012)

We find out the origin of the new continuity Mr. Freeze, and his connections with the Court of Owls. Well written and drawn, I liked it so much.

All-Star Western #9 (2012)

OK I only read it for its connection with the Night of the Owls crossover, but I am going to collect and read all the previous issues too, someday, as I seem to like the character and the art. No significant information regarding the crossover is given anyway, just a brief appearance of a Talon targting and bloodily killing Thurston Moody.

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BEST ISSUE: Fantastic Four #574 (2010)

WORST ISSUE: The Fury Of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #0 (2012)

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