Fantastic Four : World's Greatest Heroes Review

I have watched the Fantastic Four for a long time. I have seen each of the shows that have come on TV that I could find. This is one show I am happy to have watched.

Each Episode they try and put in as much of the heart of the Fantastic Four as they could. I remember reading TONS of

Comic Books of them.

Sometimes they did go over the top with it, but they kept the feel of those comics at heart. It was fun to see how they put multiple Heroes and Villains into the show! There was some that caught me by surprise and others that I was happy to see. Some of them were,

Incredible Hulks #614
Incredible Hulks #614


The Mole Man
The Mole Man


Annihilus - Classic Marvel Figurine Collection 132
Annihilus - Classic Marvel Figurine Collection 132


And More! Each one was redone in a New Style that matched the Show. I think the biggest change was the



They changed them 100%. I don’t know if the Old



Would have been ok, but I wouldn’t have mind if they stand the same.

Each Story was like a New Comic Book! They never did a to-part story. They were able to keep each the stories in one Episode, but they were each big! Each of them showed us what could be told in a 30 minute Episode. This was fun and kept me watching the show!

The next best thing about the show was






These clowns made the show! Just like the Comics, they always fight and make us laugh! This was one thing I couldn’t wait to see! It was the best part of the show! Each of the Pranks were Perfect! The best one is when Reed helped! LOL! That was great!!!

So after watching the Old Series of the Fantastic Four, this was a great why to bring them back!


Monsters and Arts

This week I went for some fun ones. I grabbed two with with Famous Monsters and found two with some amazing Art! Here's what I was able to find for this weeks Four Fun Comics! 

From Marvel Comics, Marvel Classics Comics #1 :  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This is Marvel's Comic of this classic Monster story. This thing that caught my eye the most was the Art style. Nestor Redondo did the Art for this one. I think he was the right Artist for the Job! He was able to bring Mr. Hyde to Life. For 1976, this was a very god version of of the story.  
Next from Dark Horse Comics is Gamera #3. In this comic one man holds the secret to bringing Gamera bad to save the Earth. Aliens, Mad World Conquering Woman, and The UN Supermonster Task Force all want this guy! Will they wake Gamera and who will be that one?
Our third comes from Top Cow! First Born #2. Sara is carrying  Estacado's, or The Darkness's Baby. An Army of Angelus are after the baby. Dead or Alive! The Hero Line up is Awesome! Darkness, Witchblade, and Magalena are in this! The best thing about this comic is the Art! It is beautiful!
The Final Comic, is the BEST one of the group! From Image Comics, Kabuki #1/2. This is more like an Art book then a Comic! Each page has a beautifully  gorgeous picture! On some pages the texts becomes part of the art. The Writer / Artist, David Mack, wanted to show us how Kabuki became the way she is in her comics. He wanted it to feel like a dream. It was! The art is stunning! A great comic for the collection!   
I hope you have enjoyed this week's pick! Out of all of them, if any, you should grave Kabuki #1/2! Cya next week!
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Four Fun Comics!

Boy, it's been a while! Sorry it took so long for the next one! I only have four this time. I've been Reading "Powers" so I haven't read any others then these. 

Chico Bento #294. First off, you read it like, Shico Bento. This is a fun comic from Brazil. I've heard it's now in English and Spanish. You get six short stories in this one. The best one is a Three Cell comic.  
C1. Ten Hail Maries for steeling Guavas from Nhõ Lau! C3. Five More for the Guavas from the Church!
 It's a fun one to have! 
Next is Bionicle #1 : The Coming of the Toa. In this first volume, we get to see what role this  guardians will play in saving this planet. They start out great and leave you hanging!

Next is NightWing #149 : The Great Leap Part 3. In this crazy comic, Nightwing has Scarecrow's Fear Serum running through his veins! He has to fight through his fears to save a Girl's life from Two-Face! This is a Crazy but  intense Final! Can he save Her and himself? 
Fianlly, we have PowerGirl #1 : Power Struggle. This comic is all about China's PowerGirl Project. Two forces want her on their team.  They have to break in and set her free! Which team will she choose?
Out of all this comics, The Best was Chico Bento! The rest are very good too! I hope to have more for you next week!
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