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These picture leaks happen to everyone, from politicians like the aptly named Anthony Weiner, to celebrities like the batch who got pictures leaked today. If you store pictures online/send nude pictures to someone, you have to realize there is a chance they can get leaked. Common sense approach is to just not take the pictures in the first place, but of course people don't seem to have much common sense so this sort of stuff will doubtless keep happening.

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@dbvse7 said:

@totalbalance: That's the main difference in experiences right there in your first few sentences.

Homosexuals can't have Sex.. it's impossible. Therefore, since they are unable to have sex it goes without question that the experience and Connection/Bond forged through this level of intamacy is greater in Heterosexual relationships than Homosexual relationships.

“You are saying that "true sex" leads to greater emotional intimacy while I would argue that its greater emotional intimacy that leads to more passionate/intimate sex.”

It's both. The “greater emotional intimacy” happens before during and after along with more Passion intimate sex. The Emotional intimacy has to do with trust and true love.

Both parterns build this up in order to have intimate passionate sex. This is where the Brain does it's job and then in short the Stronger Connection/Bond through Trust, Love, (Emotion, Intamacy) is created.

After comes the emotional attachment (Brains job) BECAUSE of that Connection/Bond both shared and made during that time of Emotional and Physical intamacy.

Yea no one is better or inferior Hetero or Homo they both have their human faults.. hell im not better than you just because I think differently than you.

So you are saying that in essence the only act that qualifies as sex is PIV? And that only PIV is capable of creating a strong emotional bond between individuals?

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@dbvse7 said:

@xaos: 1. It has nothing to do with getting inside their head. Heterosexual intamacy (natural Sex not Anal not Oral) effects the Brain. What happens during sex, and after (Male and Female) is the Emotional Attraction that Homosexual couples simply can't have.. It's DIFFERENT.

2. If you're going to repeat what I said to make a point, say the whole thing.. I said Sex that ONLY has to do with pleasure (Casual, No strings attached) has no True Value in it. Something like pleasure has no True Value because it's only temporary (what I've should have added).

3. Of course not, I've already explained that.

4. That's how YOU feel, but never once did I say or imply that they are less than human. What Homosexuals do isn't even “Sex” they're just pleasurable activities that cause Sexual arousal. Therefore they can't have the natural experience Heterosexual can have.

5. ..^

6. Love is an Action.. Everyone shows it that's obvious If you do anything that's shown to be the opposite than I'd question that “love”. Now I'm not saying Heterosexuals are better than Homosexuals.. never once did I imply that cause we're all human.

Homosexuals just can't experience what Heterosexuals do because of one MAJOR factor.. they can't have Sex. Sex between two that love eachother creates a stronger emotional Connection/Bond. It's the reason why Heterosexual relationships are more damaging.. (Which is what some Homosexuals use when talking about the Divorse rate to bash normal marriages or relationships.. though I would think would make sense since theres ALOT more Heterosexual marriages and relationships.)

My apologies for disappearing from the argument but I had to get some sleep, working in Capital Markets is tiring business.

Back on topic though, I have still yet to see any proof for your statement that there is greater emotional attachment stemming from heterosexual sex than from homosexual sex, until you can provide some evidence as to the validity of your claim beyond just your own word, it can't be taken seriously. And beyond even that I would still argue you are putting the cart before the horse. You are saying that "true sex" leads to greater emotional intimacy while I would argue that its greater emotional intimacy that leads to more passionate/intimate sex.

In regards to (6.) It is good to see that you support that homosexual people are not inferior to heterosexual people. If all you are arguing is that heterosexual and homosexual relationships are different than I wholeheartedly agree with you, unless by difference you are attempting to infer inferiority to put one relationship type in a position of superiority to the other. In which case I feel your case is fairly weak as you still have not provided some evidence as to the superiority of PIV sex as opposed to other sexual acitivites. Other than the fact that PIV sex can lead to reproduction, I have not seen any evidence that differentiates it on other levels, such as emotional intimacy or mutual pleasure, that would lead me to conclude that PIV sex is the only way for two individuals to express "true love".

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@dbvse7 said:

@totalbalance: im Talking a about in Relationships everyone knows sex can happen outside of one for different reasons.

Fair enough, I still want to know where you are getting the idea that PIV sex involves greater emotional intimacy than other sexual acts between loving partners. But more importantly,Why you think that sex is the defining factor of whether love is real or not?

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@dbvse7: Do you have some scientific study that can demonstrate the different emotional experience you are implying exists between PIV sex and other sexual acts. I Personally have never seen anything that suggests that PIV sex has some mystical increased emotional connection as opposed to other sexual acts between loving partners.

This whole discussion also seems to focus sex as being the defining expression of whether love is right, which I do not agree with. Sex can happen in so many ways completely devoid of love, hook ups, prostitution et cetera. In my view love is a very strong emotional connection between two individuals that transcends any single action like sex or such and as such cannot be called right or wrong merely based on the sexual mechanics of a given relationship.

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@dbvse7 said:

@jaken7: @wildvine: @totalbalance: “So your definition of love is literally solely based around the ability to have sex that can lead to procreation....”

No not at all. Love is action correct, so the most powerful form of Love that couples take part in would be Sex (A way to show true love) True Sex can only be accomplished by Male and Female couples. Theres a difference Emotionally that Gay couples could never understand because they NATURALLY can't experience that in a relationship like that. Their “love” isn't the same.

Please with that internet comment..

And sure IM gross riiigghht.

What leads you to the conclusion that vaginal intercourse is "True Sex", is it only the fact that it has the ability to lead to procreation?

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@dbvse7 said:

@totalbalance: Both, Sex between a Man and a Woman (the only way to have REAL Sex) is the greatest example of Love emotionally and Physically which studies have proven, and what Religon teaches.

Both also prove Men were never designed to be with Men, and Women weren't designed to be with Women Emotionally and Physically.

How can a Man Love a Man or a Woman love a Woman the same way a Man can Love a Woman and vice versa?

It all comes down to Sex really when Love Pleasure and Reproduction is involved in one. A smart person knows a Penis does not go in an Anus.. therefore the only reason to do so is because of selfish want, since you know you can't reproduce, and no one does that thinking Love even with Male and Female couples. Anal (something that can easily cause damage on both parts) isn't something you do out of love.. it's pleasure.. Oral yea may be a different case it's still not REAL Sex.. and emotional and physical phenomenon only Male and Female couples experience.. and out of that you get creation.. because it's NATURAL it's SUPPOSE to happen.

So your definition of love is literally solely based around the ability to have sex that can lead to procreation....

In regards to you referencing other sexual acts, have you not considered that perhaps by engaging in anal and oral sex people are not only interested in pleasing themselves but are also interested in making their partner feel good because they care about them emotionally and want them to be happy.

I view love as the emotional attachment between two individuals, not the ability to engage in procreative sex.

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@dbvse7: I only ask because I am trying to better understand your position.

In fact if you are referencing "love" in regards to sexual and reproductive capability than I completely agree that that part of "love" is different between two men or two woman or a woman and a man. That should be self evident though as of course different pairings of genders results in different avenues available in the bedroom, and of course determining the ability to conceive, which only heterosexual intercourse can achieve.

If however you are referring to "love" as in the emotional attachment between two two individuals than I also agree that perhaps the love is not exactly the same. The dynamic in a relationship between two people of the same gender is of course not going to be exactly the same as a heterosexual relationship given that in a same-sex relationship both people grew up as the same gender and as such share similar life experiences (either the common "male experience" or "female experience") whereas the people in a heterosexual relationship of course have a different dynamic due to the different experiences of each member. This is just one example as there are also other factors that differentiate males and females in terms of hormones and other such things that can influence behavior and such. So I would agree that they are not exactly the same.

However I would like to point out that there is also great variety in the emotional dynamic, couple to couple, even in heterosexual relationships. Heterosexual people aren't some monolithic block of people who all march in the lockstep of perpetual sameness. The emotional "love" in one heterosexual relationship can be totally different to the experience of "love" in another heterosexual relationship. And this is where I want to say that if you are using difference to infer inferiority I must strongly disagree with you. Just because the emotional connection between a homosexual couple is not the exact same as between a heterosexual couple does not mean that homosexual love is inherently lesser or deserving of being treated like some dysfunction. If that is what you are inferring by love being different than I must vehemently disagree with your position.

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@dbvse7 said:

@totalbalance: A Man can't love a Man the same way a Man can Love a Woman.

A Woman can't love a Woman the same way a Woman can Love a Man.

Are you inferring this statement from a reproductive perspective, an emotional perspective, or both?

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@dbvse7 said:

@tenebrous_guile: You didn't even answer the questions.. and the fact you think we're not that far apart when theres evidence all around that we are shows how little you think of Humanity.

Animals don't have Purpose... they do not use reason or reasoning. You would think after “millions” or “billions” of years you would think that humans wouldn't be the only beings that think and understand like us.. but I guess we're just the lucky ones to a lot of people that think like that right?

You still can't explain why animals don't understand why a Penis does not go in an Anus. Theres a reason why MALES and FEMALES exist and not just one gender.

Males can't love Males and Women can't love Women the same way Males and Females love eachother.. for one main reason THEY CAN'T reproduce together... but can animals grasp that concept.. NO because they go by instinct not reason.

I'll ask again do Animals desire to have kids or do they seek pleasure knowing which will reproduce and which ones don't.. do animals even “care” or is it instinct.. come on.

Funny how we're SO CLOSE yet humans demonstrate everyday that, that THEORY is a big myth.. but again you would think that after “millions”or “billions of years” that Animals would understand, have purpose and use reasoning like us.

Can you elaborate upon this statement?