Powerful Items of the Comics Multiverse - MARVEL

This will be 1 Part of a 3 Part List. In essence, the original list became unwieldy. Please read the entire description before commenting!!! These are not ranked by power level.

These are weapons and items of great power both magical and technological. Though powerful in and of themselves, the way the user uses them usually defines their greatness. Batman is a prime example of this statement.
I am not classifying the items by most to least powerful but loosely by type. Also, all metals or substances will lead the list because so many of the items are powerful because of WHAT they are made of instead of what they are. A nice combo I can think of is "Nth Metal Wolverine's Claws". Just a thought.
I also tend to keep item types together by character if they use more than one, Wonder Woman and Batman coming to mind.

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