Storm - You Are Being A Hypocrite (with all due respect)

Do I even have to say it? Regenesis JUST came out folks... What do you think Storm is saying here?

Xavier didn't believe in keeping his students alive?
Xavier didn't believe in keeping his students alive?

Now, this is her talking about Logan and the rest of X-Force killing the purifiers who killed a busload of Xavier's students after torturing and killing Jay Guthrie. They also killed Sophie with a bullet to the head. They also attacked the mansion and hurt and killed other students. In response, Cyclops formed X-force and ordered them to kill the enemy...

X-Force did as ordered...

After Second Coming, Storm found out, and we all know how she judged Wolverine. The following scan comes from Second Coming #2, the event in which Cable died...

you killed people who tortured, shot, and missiled students. HOW DARE YOU!?
you killed people who tortured, shot, and missiled students. HOW DARE YOU!?

Now, according to Hope that event happened about TWO MONTHS AGO. Note, that's two months in Marvel Time... For us in the real world, that happened almost exactly ONE YEAR ago...


So, here it is two months later and Storm is basically saying the same thing...


Let's be clear.

  1. Storm does not take killing lightly.
  2. Storm does not enjoy killing.
  3. But Storm DOES KILL WHEN NECESSARY. (please note that I said WHEN NECESSARY)

So, the woman who is calling X-Force an abomination for avenging the death of a busload of children and protecting the rest of the students, is responsible for a large number of deaths herself... As far as I know, Storm has always been justified in the times that she has killed... But she HAS killed WHEN NECESSARY, just as X-Force did...


Here, we see her giving the ORDER to kill and killing.


Here is one of the first times we saw Storm deliberately killing. This is not an alternate universe Storm... This is Storm of earth 616.


Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4

During the Skrull invasion Storm and T'Challa had a plan and it worked very well. They killed EVERY SINGLE SKRULL that attacked Wakanda. (I think they did the right thing.) Note, that T'Challa and Storm also too part in the actual fighting; they did kill. Not only did they kill, they put the HEADS OF THE DEAD SKRULLS ON PIKES!

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

It's only been a matter of months since Storm put a number poor souls out of their misery, during that rather stupid vampire story arc...

My point?

1: Storm DOES KILL WHEN NECESSARY. She kills often.

2: Storm judges Wolverine and X-Force for doing exactly what she does. She is saying, for THEM, it is wrong...


(1) A person who engages in the same behaviors he condemns others for.

(2) A person who professes certain ideals, but fails to live up to them.

(3) A person who holds other people to higher standards than he holds himself.

Does Storm not fit the very definition of a hypocrite?