Character Biography: Archer Bishop


                       Unlike most of my kind I wasn’t born into royalty, or noble bloodline. Truth be told I haven’t had a place to call home since I was ten. By that age I had grown up on legends and bed times stories of immortal creatures beautiful to behold but terrifying to touch, as cold as the bare earth itself. I was at peace, happy and guilt free, but like all of us I found great despair while I was still human. They say the plague had ravaged the live stalk causing horses and cows to drop dead on sight. But there were always the unexamplained bite marks around their throats and veins, unexplained a word not to common in my world now. Until one day a caretaker saw a man perched over a gravestone like a bird his skin was hard like stone and cold as ice with eyes blood red. Then in a single leap up the creature disappeared into the air. 

The cattle’s deaths had bred the plague fiercely and it was not long before the children and their parents were stricken. My brother was among the first burying him was perhaps the second hardest thing I have had to do. It didn’t take long for the plague to claw it’s way into my mother’s veins I buried on the night of a waxed moon as the tears went down my eyes I could see to blood red dots looking straight at me from the shadows of the forest. I ran in fear hiding in the wooden cracks beneath my house for two days 

When I rose up from the wood to find food instead I found our entire village had been slaughtered. It was then that a beautiful young women with golden red eyes approached me. She said I was the single survivor from the plague and that my blood was rare and powerful not to be wasted like the others. She took me into her castled paved with marble floor where I served as her personal guard unaware that I was the only living thing amongst the other guards and royalty there. My body grew as did my blood and my bones that held them. That was until the age of 21, where she, the queen, my mother offered me a way to cheat the rotation of time, Immortality.

She gave me her blood, the Venom sacred among them. As took in the deep dark crimson red fluid I began to burn so hot hotter, and hotter as the venom made its way deep into my veins. Then slowly it moved towards my heart the pain was unbearable like needles mixed in with fire I screamed for hours until finally I could feel when the Venom had made it’s way to my heart when she snapped my neck. As my human life was taken I could see all the memories of my past, I died there on the floor, but my heart continued to beat, beating slower and slower and slower until it eventually stopped. My skin now cold as ice and as hard as granite rose my body up I opened my eyes, now blood red no longer the enticing green they once were. I stepped out onto the granite balcony of the tower looking forwardly at the moon and it’s sway now not man or beast but immortal.


Vampires are normally devastatingly inhumanly beautiful, some even to an angelic extent. This is one of the several features meant to attract their prey to them - more specifically, to attract, fascinate, lure and (if necessary) sexually seduce unsuspecting humans. As a result of this many vampires attack prey of the opposite sex.How physically appealing their prey finds them is determined by how 

The burning bite
The burning bite

appealing they were as humans themselves. If an already appealing human were to be transformed, their physical beauty would be, "breathtakingly beautiful". If they were of average appeal, they would still become more appealing, although not nearly as much. If however they were not particularly pleasing to the eye, they would become average. This is a rare occurrence though, because vampires normally select exceptional humans when wanting companionship. 

A Vampire’s scent (the venom) is a very appealing scent to those who come close enough to them. Venom replaces all of the natural chemical processes and functions in the body. It wets and pools in the mouth instead of saliva. It exists in the veins instead of mortal blood. It coats the eyes, burning through contacts after a few hours, protecting them from damage giving the appearance of blood when a vampire cries instead of human tears. It also lubricates them, allowing them to move around easier within their sockets. It is what allows a vampire to move at all. It is extremely flammable to the point that sunlight rays will cause a vampire to spontaneously combust if exposed. As vampires describe themselves, they are unchanging, "living stone" frozen exactly as they were when they were


transformed. (Though to another vampire, the stone skin feels smooth and soft, and is room temperature, not ice-cold like it would be to a human.) Their skin is described as "chalky", and is often compared to alabaster or marble (because of its texture and feel as well as how it appears). They owe their unnatural pale complexion to their lack of blood flow; once they reach the one-year 

The Hunger takes over
The Hunger takes over

 anniversary of 

their transformation, they possess no blood of their own at all. However they do become slightly flushed after feeding. Their eye color also changes when drinking blood turning blood red. Although when lost to the “Hunger” their eyes becomes pure black with an outer ring of red. Aside from feeding a vampire’s eyes remain their natural color unless provoked by their hunger or emotion.


When rendered by the torso limbs or head their skin begins to crack apart on the surface like leaving a crackling sound almost like broken granite.

When torn apart their under tissue ressembles grey like mummified tissue and dirt with dust running through the air as each limb is separated from each other. This is due to the fact that the Venom burns away at the internal fluids and the cells they are composed of.

When torn apart their exposed flesh reveals a statue rock hard tissue.
When torn apart their exposed flesh reveals a statue rock hard tissue.

The limbs do not bleed out as they do with other living creatures instead the Venom sticks to the ends of the fragmented pieces in order to act as adhesive to restore the body after dismemberment. Their hearts however are the softest part of their body since it is constantly exposed to blood from feeding, causing it to resemble a human heart in every way only denser on a cellular level.

Newborn vampire’s initially do not have any sense of humanity, instead acting on the overwhelming senses, and animalistic instincts. As a vampire becomes older their ability to control this increases but their senses are still great making their emotions much stronger then those in a human. This leaves a vampire vulnerable to their emotions as to much of it can literally kill. Because of this most vampires choose not to return to humanity but instead turn to logic and will power leaving their persona cold and unattached. Although the Venom initially strengthens the body making it nearly indestructible the source of a vampire’s power lies in the blood consumed. As they age their bodies grow stronger, faster leaving older vampires in charge of newborns for the first 5 years of their life. A newborn vampire could lift 2 tons easily. The Venom can also be used to strengthen their movements creating superhuman speed and reflexes. They can leap several stories into the air, even across city streets in a single leap. Archer’s body quickly adapts to it’s surroundings this gives them an ever evolving sense of equilibrium based on their control over the body. 

Venom- The Venom refers to the fluid that pumps through a vampire’s veins more commonly known as Vampire blood. It reacts dominantly with human blood consuming blood cells making them more dense. It also hardens every cell within the body making organs and the skin hard like marble. On a wounded human it can be ingested to cause rapid cell healing, curing sickness within seconds or life threatening wounds without a scar or trace. To humans without any form of sickness or wound the Venom will burn through the veins like liquid fire till it reaches the heart. There causing the person excruciating pain, the person will be temporarily given enhanced strength/ senses until it exits their system. Venom can be described as thicker then blood as well as a darker red this color is created when human blood lingers within the Venom, it’s scent appeals to humans of the opposite sex.  

Transformation- .To become a vampire a human not close to death or sickness must ingest or intake a certain portion of venom(vampire blood) into their system During that time, the human will endure indescribable pain. The warmth within the heart will

get more and more intense, till it feels as if it is fire within the veins, as the venom slowly circulates through the blood and eventually reaches the heart. Once the Venom has reached the heart then working its way throughout the rest of the body.  The heart will continue to beat due to the presence of the Venom within the veins. The venom then has to make its way all through the body. Next through the heart, and it will pump again and again in the heart until it starts meeting itself in the veins. Then it will burn all the veins until the heart stops beating. It moves slower than blood because it’s thicker. Each beat of the heart can only push it so far. The changing/burning process is slow. The venom has to saturate every cell/gene in the body before it ends. The transformation ends with the person's body now thirsting blood, having taken in blood into their system for the first time their canines will enlarge/sharpen
Eternal Drink-  Although vampires require blood to maintain sustenance in order to prevent the Venom from over taking the cells and tissue in their body, they are also able to intake alcohol in order to distill the blood they have taken in.


Fire- The venom within the veins of a vampire is highly flammable . In ancient times fire was used instead of burying the dead. 
The Venom is so flammable that even sunlight will cause a vampire to burst into flames given enough time in the sun. 


One of the most effective methods at killing a vampire, and beyond the limit of the Venom’s regenerative abilities. 

Heart Removal-

The Venom can repair any injuries inflicted upon the heart. However Removal- should the heart be removed completely from the body the vampire cannot generate anymore Venom for it’s system thus unable to regenerate from the wound and dies.    
The Blood of another Immortal- Since Venom isn’t actually another blood type but rather a rapid enzyme that effects all the cells in the body in doing so killing giving them enhanced properties resulting in their rapid death. Taking in more of this from another Vampire is corrosive and lethal to the point of burning away the rock hard insides to the point where no thirst for blood could slow down the process of crystallization.      

The Hollow-

The Hollowfication process occurs when a vampire refuses to feed on blood of any kind. After extended periods the vampire will begin to dry out leaving a withered husk that turns the flesh into a brittle cracked rock like state that begins to fall apart. The process itself is extremely painful for any vampire of any level. The older the vampire the faster the process. 


Vampires feel emotions are much stronger then humans, most vampires eliminate any trace of their humanity to prevent being at the mercy of their emotions. However should a vampire feel “true” emotion that said emotion could be enough to kill a vampire. To vampires this death is considered the true death as it is the only death always lingering in the shadows of a vampires consciousness.     


Imprinting is the ability to imprint emotional attraction through the of venom secretions that can be found within the saliva of the lips. The person is often rendered drugged, open to suggestive speech. As the venom in small dosages acts as a powerful Aphrodite that enters the blood stream through skin contact where through the pores it quickly absorbed.

Blood Psychometry- This ability allows a vampire to see the memories of another through their blood. Newborn Vampires cannot piece together the memories of the blood in the correct order. This is due to the fact that it requires a strong will to control the raging human emotions contained in the blood in order to decode them properly. Vampires are also able to learn skills contained within the memories of the blood such as a multiple languages.  

Sixth Sense-

Vampires can sense the life-force of living things this is used to better detect prey. With proper practice a Vampire can use this ability to determine a persons natural lifespan even detect sicknesses when not known to the carrier host. However this also allows a vampire to identify another vampire as well as other supernatural creatures that give off a different form of life energy.  
Archer's craft piece
Archer's craft piece

The Craft- The Craft are special rings created during medieval times to hide the identities of Vampire royalty. The Craft were originally  created by the gypsies so that the vampires could walk in the sun, each ring possesses a powerful hex designed to shield and protect wearer of the ring from fire, this also includes the Sun itself. Although each ring varies in appearance each one is created under the same flow of Arcane energy.    

Blood Lines 
The First  

 Gabriel Greystone 

 Virgil Corvinus  


 Dante Damonus 

Eric Firestone 




APOLLITE- Humans that have consumed from the waters of the Fountain of Olympus becoming Godlike in doing so. Apollites are normally breathtakingly beautiful, some even to an angelic extent. How physically appealing humans find them is determined by how appealing they were as humans themselves. If an already appealing human were to be transformed, their physical beauty would be, "breathtakingly beautiful". If they were of average appeal, they would still become more appealing, although not nearly as much. If they were of average appeal, they would still become more appealing. Although their skin still serves the same basic purpose of protecting the body, their cells have become hard and reflective, like crystal, reflecting any and all light as though the Apollite were a giant prism. An Apollite’s scent is very appealing those who come close enough to them. They bare strong resemblance to marble statues not only because of their angelic beauty and pale skin, but also because of their skin's granite-like appearance and impenetrability, as well as their lack of movement as they could stand perfectly still and motionless. Once the transformation is complete their bodies change in several ways. The first most notable change is their eyes color changes to dark gold. Their hair even reflects off light more differently. They also acquire superhuman abilities such as speed, which can allow them to move in a blur of motion at speeds faster then the human eye could see. Another of their enhanced traits is that their physical strength is far superior then it was before. Their emotions are also altered by their transformation such as: Sadness, happiness, anger, jealousy, lust, love, etc. Apollites emotions are far stronger than those of a human.   

VAMPIRE- Cursed by the jealous God Apollo for having enticed his wife Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, Acheron along with his entire race for having stolen immortality is condemned to an excruciatingly slow death. As their blood is replaced with venom resulting in their death once all their human blood has been replaced. To escape the curse some Apollites begin consuming human blood to prolong and elongate their own existence thereby defying Apollo's curse. The Apollites cannot go out in the sun or touch fire as their newly transformed vampire bodies will die. Without any natural blood of their own The Apollites now Vampires become both cold skinned and pale faced. Despite the curse placed on them, the Apollites still retain their appearance and their enhanced traits.        

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