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What happened?? 0

The cover is the only thing I like about this issue. I actually really loved the art and the story leading up to this. Gorgeous space scenes, delicate line work, and vibrant, intricate characters and backgrounds are traded for what?The interior artwork is dreadful, dang near unacceptable in my opinion. It's obvious where time was spent and where panels were rushed....if these disproportioned figures and vague excuses for backgrounds represent Boschi's work...count me out next go 'round. Although...

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Maybe I set my expectations too high... 0

Humphries didn't do his homework.This isn't Psylocke. This isn't Storm. This isn't Puck. This isn't a good start. Everything is abrupt without explanation. I love the chemistry between Betts & 'Ro, but bonding over snapping your brother's neck and getting served your papers just makes them both look so uncharacteristically callous. Then we're introduced to Puck who's turned into an unapologetic sleaze-ball since he got back from hell? Then Bishop pops in from a supposedly abysmal future...lo...

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