Odin and Galactus in Thor #4 acnient mind assault?

By "ancient mind assault" did Odin go into Galan's head when he was still "galan" of hte old universe or was that just a representation of Glaactus saying "Odin is in my head" this may be stupid but thats why i made it a blog and not a thread. I just want to know caus this would mean Odin is a hell of alot older than we thought he was and would make him predate Galactus. Who's older was he realy there when Galan was there or what?

The Flash's Best friend...

                                                                                                                 THE ANTI MONITOR!!!!!!! 

                                                                                                                                                                      They are BFFF's

Does Eternity have the Power cosmic?

this is something i have been woundering, to my knowledge Galactus and his heralds are the only people who wield the power cosmic except for maby 2 exceptions, but Eternity is above galactus most the time (its becaus of that damn eternal hunger probleam of his) and he is the physical embodiment of the universe after all and the power cosmic is the power of the universe so Does Eternity wield the power cosmic, or no?

Unicron (Tru form) vs Eternity and 100% Galactus! (read OP first)

If you do not know  much about uni's tru form well then lets say he threatend to destroy the TF Multiverse 
allright this will be devided into 3 rounds 
round 1.Full powerd big G takes on unicron  
round 2.eternity takes on unicron 
round 3.Galactus and Eternity gang up on unicron  
Remember galactus himself was said to be a multiversal threat at full power (or when well fed whatever you want to call it) by the dreaming celestial and is said to be equal to Eternity. Its up to you to determin if he is or not. and if your still not convinced this is a close match then i throw in the Ultimate Nulfier as a last result...Oh and The living Tribunal will be montoring the battle :D.  
Now its up to you to decide who lives and who dies in this battle of the gods! 








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