"Kill"ection: A collection of all Bernie's after dark adventures

CVnU Los Angeles

Bernie entered the crime scene of what he had heard was a murder of a 37 year old man who was famous underground for his gang connections and high rank among the bloods. The scene had been cleaned up pretty well by the L.A.P.D, but none of the officers working on the scene could find solid clues as to who the murder or murders were.

The L.A.P.D sheriff saw Bernie doing his own investigating and made his way over to the man. "Find any'a clues yet Mr.Argo?" the sheriff asks

Without looking back at the sheriff Bernie Replies "No... Whoever the killer was sure as hell knew how to cover his tracks" that being said, Bernie was lying right through his teeth, because this was all executed in only a way he knew how to in this city. Bernie him self was indeed the killer here.

The sheriff replies rather eagerly "Ya'think it could be that Classic Killer I've been hearing so much about lately?"

Bernie looks back at the sheriff and simply motions as if he had no clue and exited the scene in shame of the fact that he hadn't broken the habit yet.

Random Facts About Your Character

  • When committing a well planned out murder, Bernie always starts at the torso and mixes it up depending on the victim.
  • He is pretty well respected in the crime investigation business, but he doesn't like to talk about it much out side of work.
  • Once he botched a murder and had to make it look like he too was a victim to get off clean. To make it look convincing he stabbed his left shoulder and broke both his right thumb and elbow.

Random Facts About Your Character pt.2

  • Has solved and helped solve over 38 crimes
  • Has murdered over 56 people

Chicago CVnU

It's cold and dark out. The city sings it's usual song of beauty so loud that everyone is interested in participating and joining in by working and driving there modern Vehicles. It's so busy around here no one notices the newest victim of the Classic Killer as he is being carted away by his murder and dumped into a random unlocked car in the alleyway of a locally owned pub. His lifeless corpse makes a loud thump in melody with the rest of the city as it is dumped in the trunk and locked there. The Killer wipes off his blade and prepares to cover his tracks after mumbling "That was not worth the trip here... But... At least he was an easy kill."

Chicago CVnU pt.2

(*Quick rundown of what happens here below)

Lucky Day

Many stories up high, John Partelli sleeps alone and in pitch darkness. Outside his elegant room, the city continues on as it usually does, but with the expected addition of strong winds and a fierce thunderstorm. Eventually one of the sky's screeches wakes the man up with a shock and he races out of his bed to his large glass windows that looked upon the city. When he pulls open the curtains that hid the glass windows he expects to see how bad the weather is, which he does see, but only behind a dark masculine figure outlined by the light of lighting. "Da F#$^ is..." He says to himself seconds before he grabs his Model 870 Express (a shotgun). As soon a he can confirm a good grasp on the rifle he aims it at the window he saw the figure in, but now clearly nothing was there even as the lightning struck. A faceless voice speaks from the darkness of John's room "No wonder you're one of the largest crime lords in this city with toys like those eh, Mr.Partelli?" The man swings his gun around in every direction trying to find the body of the voice but finds nothing. Eventually he can see what looks like a set of large glowing eyes and he shoots in the general direction, for a second it's quiet and then a hand is at Partelli's throat and a knife at his gut. The force that got a hold of him was too strong and he dropped his shotgun so now he was utterly defenseless. "How'd you find me? H-how did you get in here you piece of-" Before he can finish his questioning he is hit hard by a headbutt and knocked out.

Eventually he wakes up in front of a police station's front doors tied up with no way of escape and a broken nose. To his left though he can see a note that had been affected by rain but was still legible: Consider your self lucky Mr.Partelli... Usually when I meet guys like you they don't get the chance to keep living.

(basically Bernie tracks down a crime lord and hands him over to the officials instead of killing him this time)

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