Top 100 DC New 52 Characters (New Creations Only)

As it turns out, I enjoy a great number of New 52 character creations... at this point, few of them are fully prepped to compete with my Top 100 characters, even in the updated rounds... I'm using this space in part to organize my favorites, in part to bring awareness to great characters and in part because, well, I just like lists. I reached 100, so now to provide some commentary! To be eligible for this list a character's first appearance must take place during the Flashpoint or after the creation of the New 52. Hopefully I'll be able to provide some fun commentary along the way. Beware, many spoilers may abound!

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Posted by NyxEquitis

Good list.

Posted by Bestostero

Great compilation but it's missing Niko, well she's one of my favorite new 52 creations anyways lol

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Posted by TheOptimist

@Batcrow: I actually completely forgot about Strife! I love the character! Even though she is technically a reinterpretation of a pre-existing character... my interpretation (as a reader) of her is actually as a completely originally character... so she'll make it into my next update for sure!

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This list is pretty cool.

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Good list friend!

Posted by TeamUnitedNerds

I personally think that Lincoln March should have at least been on the list

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Are you going to add others to the list.

Posted by flazam

No Batcow :(

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Kurt Lance isnt a new character.

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love your list

Posted by Arzix

great list but i hate kurt lance he is such a sissy