Multiple Earths in the New 52

So I have asked what people would think that since EARTH 2 is pretty successful so far, could DC come out with books like EARTH 3 or EARTH 11. A lot of people said no because it would get confusing. I beg to differ. With a lot of random other universes, yes it can get confusing but not these specific Earths. First of all, we already have several Earths to begin with. We have Earth-Prime where all of the New 52 exists. We have Earth One where the Superman and Batman ogns exist. We have Earth 2 the comic. And we have Earth-12 where Batman Beyond and the others are from.

New Earth/Earth-0 where the Pre-Flashpoint stories were are being revisited in the digital first comic LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT. We have the Smallville universe, even though it doesn't have an official Earth yet. We've seen the Superman of Earth-23 in ACTION COMICS #9. The world of Young Justice the animated series is being portrayed as Earth-16. How is it now all of a sudden confusing to have multiple Earths?

They aren't that similar, are they?
They aren't that similar, are they?

In Earth-Prime, we have Batman fighting crime in Gotham City against the likes of the Court of Owls and the Joker. In Earth 2, Batman died trying to save the world from Steppenwolf. In Earth 3, he's known as Owlman and he's a villain. In Earth 11, he's a woman and everyone else's gender is flipped. Those are not that similar. They're not going to be confusing. And it's not like we are asking for a line of comics from each universe, it's one title per world that explores the whole universe. These two universe have barely even been tapped into and are potentially the most interesting of all the different universes. Even technically, the BEFORE WATCHMEN line is another universe as well. AME-COMI GIRLS is another universe too.

James Robinson has stated that the reason they don't want multiple universes is because they don't multiple versions of the same character. Okay, that's a good idea. But is Owlman on Earth 3, the same character as Batman on Earth-Prime? Not even close. Is Kylie Rayner from Earth 11 the same as Kyle Rayner from Earth-Prime? I don't think so.

Who wouldn't want to see the New 52 updated version of the Crime Syndicate starring Ultraman, Owlman, Superwoman, Johnny Quick, Power Ring, and evil versions of Aquaman and Cyborg? Plus the possibility of a bigger team and more appearances of lots of different characters? I would like to see that.

Who wouldn't want to see the New 52 updated gender-reversed version of the Justice League starring Superwoman, Batwoman, Wonder Man, the Flash, Green Lantern, Aquawoman, and Cyborgirl? Plus the possibility of seeing the entire gender-reversed universe? I would LOVE to see that. Especially since my friend and I had a discussion about it and we figured that since when women are around each other a lot, they're menstrual cycles sync up with each other and that would make it possible that for about 4-7 days out of every month, that most of the League is out of action and sitting at home while the guy heroes are the only ones fighting crime OR they are super-PMS where they go around looking for fights with villains and beating the crap out of them for no reason. Either way, really entertaining.

What do you guys think? Would you want to see more of those universes? Do you think they could work as a series in the New 52?