Green Lantern and Flash Deserve Renumbering too!

As we all know, Marvel has been renumbering their top characters' series like Captain America, Thor, and Spider-Man. Actually Spider-Man has always had a high number. 
This year, Superman and Batman will reach #700. Next year, Action Comics will reach #900. Also this year, Wonder Woman will be renumbered after #44 into #600. This is pretty cool but why does it have to stop there? I did some math and there are other characters that should get their renumbering recognition too. 
It turns out that if you count it up, The Flash has exactly the same number of issues as Wonder Woman. (If you count both Wally's and Bart's series.) He should reach #600 too. As of the posting date to this blog, there are exactly 523 issues of Green Lantern and 71 issues of Green Lantern Corps. Green Lantern should be renumbered, but GLC isn't exactly in need of a renumbering though. 
Green Arrow is about to get another #1. If added up with GA/BC, that #1 will be the 249th Green Arrow issue. He needs a renumbering too. If Aquaman and Martian Manhunter were to get new series following Brightest Day, they should get renumberings too. Aquaman has 217 issues under his name and Martian Manhunter has 48. Perhaps Martian Manhunter can start from #1 and when added up correctly, renumber to #100 at the right time. Supergirl also has 169 issues to her name too. Someone not as famous, Booster Gold, has 56. 
Don't forget the teams. Justice League of America has 652 issues and Justice Society of America has 182. Teen Titans has 453 issues and Titans has 73. The Outsiders has 197 issues too. 
Some of these series need renumberings. Flash, Green Lantern, and Green Arrow the most of all.