Deadpool Kills the DC Universe

Okay so I've been reading DEADPOOL KILLS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE and I am pretty much loving it. It's really interesting and I honestly can believe it to be possible. This is how I see it. Deadpool is pretty much aware that he is a fictional character and is controlled by a team of writers, artists, editors, and publishers. So how does he get his revenge of not being able to control himself? He kills all the other creations and beloved characters of the universe he is trapped in. Not only heroes, but villains too. But here is my idea. What if Deadpool knew that this wasn't the only case where this is happening? What if he knew it was everywhere. He travels to the DC Universe and decides to "set them free" of the control that he was under. He starts killing Superman, Batman, the Justice League, the Teen Titans, and so on in wicked and interesting ways that we always wondered how it could be done. And then he could go on from there. Dark Horse, IDW, Top Cow, Image, Icon, BOOM, and so on. He can go out and kill every hero from every universe just to tell all the "controllers" to leave them alone or whatever. What do you guys think? Would you want to see Deadpool up against all the other characters? My money is on the Joker killing Deadpool at the end for killing Batman. lol