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@tommythehitman: I made this thread two years ago, Tommy. I don't even remember making it XD But yeah I have read both Unity and X-O Manowar and they are good

@wmarshal: I'm impressed tbh that you found this, don't even remember making it

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All characters are owned by DC Comics

Did you like this? Check out more stories like it in the library.

Sector 2814, Earth, near Coast City - before

"Our Lord is known to take away our loved ones. But let us not forget that He once gave them to us. Our loved ones have provided us with love and support throughout our lives. But as we know, what God giveth He also taketh away. Today he will take Harold Jordan from us, according to many a great man. Many called him a hero. He's been called charismatic, honest, serious and a true-born leader. We are many here today to say good-bye to this great..."

The reverend's voice was deep and strong, his words rang out far from where he stood surrounded by grieving friends of Hal Jordan. But not all of his friends were grieving amongst the others. Some had to hide themselves. Several feet away a large group of creatures stood behind a green force field. The force field could not be seen by the grievers, nor could the creatures on the other side be seen either. Around twenty they were, in all shapes and sizes, from different parts of the wide universe. They had all arrived this day to say farewell to a great man, to their friend.

The light raindrops bounced off the green force field Kilowog had created. He held his arm up, aiming his ring towards the sky and created a protective field for him and the other Green Lanterns within.

"Man, this priest can really talk, huh?"

"Shut up, Gardner!" Kilowog yelled and nudged against the back of Guy Gardner's head.

"What?" Guy asked, offended. "Just sayin'. When my mom went the guy didn't take half as long. Do you have to pay extra for this kind of speech, or what?"

"Gardner, shut up!" Kilowog yelled again and punched Guy's back. Guy shrugged back and coughed from the blow.

"You really ought to stop talking, Guy." John Stewart said, with his eyes fixed at the group of grievers and the reverend further away from them. "I'm trying to hear what he says."

"Sorry." Guy said, obviously sarcastic. "Just trying to lighten the mood."

"The mood doesn't need lightening." John said. "Funerals aren't supposed to be taken lightly, are they?"

"" Guy said. "I'm sorry, alright? It's just hard you know."

"Well, I can understand that." John said. "I think he's almost done now."

" earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Amen." The reverend finished his words as two men appeared and lowered the casket into the ground. A shock of grief broke out among the people around the grave when the casket had disappeared from sight. A murmur among the creatures within the force field broke out as well.

"That's that then." Guy Gardner said when the casket was out of sight.

"That's that then." John Stewart agreed. "The man has been fighting the embodiment of fear, monsters from across the universe and saved this planet countless times. But that was the last we will ever see of Hal Jordan."

"Hah, yeah." Kilowog said. "As if Hall will be able to stay in the ground."

Sector 0, above Oa - now

"The ring. It's mine!"

"Oh, me and my big fat stupid mouth!" Kilowog muttered when he saw the evil figure hovering in front of him, in a body that once belonged to his old friend Hal Jordan.

"K-Kilowog?" Kyle said, afraid for his life. His ring, that once belonged to Hal Jordan, had full control over his body and his actions.

"Don't be afraid, kid." Kilowog said reassuringly. "Just come over here to me."

"I can't!" Kyle said, close to panicking. "The ring won't let me move anywhere."

The ring pulled Kyle closer to the dark figured that bore the face of Hal Jordan.

"Do you see?" Hal said. "The ring wants to be with me. It's mine by right. You took it from me."

"Don't listen to him, kid." Kilowog said. He wasn't sure what was going on, he couldn't tell if what happened was real or not. "The ring is just confused Kyle. That's Hal Jordan, the rings previous carrier. The ring must think he's alive and well. It's only doing its job. Besides, that's not even Hal. Just a fake. A copy. The real Hal is dead, killed by Sinestro. There is no way that can actually be him. He died and he's never coming back!"

"Enough!" Hal shouted as beams of black energy shot from Hal's black power ring and hit the two Green Lanterns with great force. Both Kilowog and Kyle were pushed away from Hal by the force of the blow, but Kilowog managed to stabilize his flying. He caught Kyle as well.

"Listen to me!" Kilowog shouted at the top of his lungs. "I don't know who you are or what you are or why you have chosen to possess my friend. But you have no idea how pissed I am that you did. And you don't know what the rest of his friends think of it either! But you sure as hell are about to find out!"

Oa's atmosphere erupted with emerald light as hundreds of green clad aliens flew from the planet into the dark abyss above. One after one they arrived, their eyes filled with green rage.

"Who are you, villain?" John Stewart bellowed as the other Green Lanterns circled the possessed Hal Jordan. "Who are you and why have you taken this form?"

"My name is Hal Jordan of Earth!" Hal Jordan announced.

"Sure, sure." Guy Gardner said, while projecting green fists ready to punch someone's face in.

"But what if he's right?" Kyle Rayner asked his fellow corps members while still struggling to keep the ring from ripping his right arm off.

"You didn't know him, kid," Kilowog said. "That ain't him."

"Wait!" John Stewart exclaimed. "That ring! It looks familiar." He referred to the black ring on Hal's finger that shone evilly.

"I have no time for this!" Hal Jordan shouted over the shouts and speculations from the corps members that surrounded him. He swiftly projected energy from his ring and managed to pull the green power ring from Kyle Rayner's hand, stealing his powers from him. The green ring landed on this left middle finger before he flew away to parts unknown. The Green Lanterns failed to stop as all of them tried to save the now powerless Kyle Rayner from being strangled by the nothingness that surrounded him. Several corps members projected a bubble around him, thus saving his life.

"Where'd he go?" Kilowog shouted. "Where'd he go? I'll rip his arms off!"

"There's no way of telling but he has to be found." Jon Stewart said. "This is very peculiar and whatever has possessed Hal seems to be extremely dangerous. He has to be found."

To be continued...

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That cover brings back some strange feeling of nostalgia.

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@tommythehitman: Still haven't started writing but I keep brainstorming new ideas. But if you want more this much I'll have to hurry up lol :)