Hulk Rants: My Little Pony

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Today, Hulk going to do a short blog. Hulk want to give Hulk's thoughts on the My Little Pony sensation that's been going on the Internet. It's everywhere. Hulk cannot go ONE place in the Internet without seeing one of these. Hulk can't get away from it no matter where Hulk go. Hulk don't really understand what the big deal is. Keep in mind, Hulk decided to watch the show recently to find out what the big deal was, and Hulk got to say, Hulk thought it was OK. The flash animation is good, the stories are well above average, but am Hulk a full-fledged brony (Hulk get to that in a sec). No.

Hulk am not a brony. Sorry Hulk don't mind the show, but Hulk am not completely obsessed over it like so many people have been lately. It's a show that was intended for little girls, but somehow got an audience of grown men and male teenagers (called bronies). Hulk have to say, if you like the show and you're a man, go ahead. Live it up. But, Hulk just not going to join the Brony club anytime soon. Hulk am more of a fan of something more MANLY, like Transformers and GI Joe (seriously, Transformers got a comeback on Transformers Prime, why is nobody talking about THAT? Maybe that's why it ended recently.)

How is this a massive trend?
How is this a massive trend?

Now, Hulk a little embarrassed to ask this, but the question of the day is...

Are you a brony? Did you watch the show? Tell Hulk in the comments below.