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Cyttorack is an evil being and the last time I checked robbery and bullying are forms of evil whuich would fall under the category of something Cyttorack may want.

"Evil" doesn't really come into it. Cyttorack would be pretty evil by our standards, but mainly he just wants people to know how awesome he is. Doctor Strange himself has used the "crimson bands of Cyttorack" on multiple occasions to subdue his enemies. Robbing banks would be almost an insult to him. That's why in the X-Men one-shot of World War Hulk, Cain initially gets completely owned by the Hulk, but then actually brings him to a standstill when Cyttorack allows him access to more of his power.

In the end, Cyttorack doesn't care if you're a hero or villain. If you're wrecking stuff in an epic way and letting people know that it's HIS power that's letting you do it, he'll keep the juice flowing.

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I'd love to see a "What-If" story that had Bruce Wayne watching the Joker's trial on TV and when the judge announces the death penalty, he just throws his hands up in the air and gives an exasperated, "FINALLY!!"

I really find it hilarious that people can actually keep a straight face while saying that Batman is responsible for all the Joker's victims because he won't murder him. Batman catches these guys and delivers them, gift-wrapped, for the proper authorities. Why aren't they equally responsible? The courts are just as aware of the Joker's continued threat to innocent lives. Why don't they just fry him? They can do that legally. And I'm sure that Batman wouldn't lift a finger to stop it.

I find it strange that many people seem to LIKE the idea of some mysterious, unknown person executing their own idea of justice. For me, that would be really unnerving.

And criminals HAVE died fighting the likes of Batman and Superman. Supes just hasn't ever defeated someone and then said, "y'know what? I think yer too dangerous to live, so I'm going to heat vision your face off in cold-blood".

I don't have a problem with heroes who kill, but I also think that heroes who don't should always be around.

And, as someone mentioned earlier, the REAL reason that many heroes don't kill is because they need to keep the popular villains around to sell comics.

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@evilvegeta74: Cyttorack never gave Cain the level of access to his power that he gave Colossus. Cyttorrack himself flat out told Cain that he never felt he was worthy at all he was just better than nothing. Basically Cyttorrack just liked Colossus more. As far as Colossus' strength goes if you add something to infinity its still infinity.

Also, Cain usually used his powers for nothing more than petty robbery and bullying. Stuff that didn't require that much power.

He did have his moments though. In the Juggernaut one-shot, he has all his powers drained and is burnt down to a skeleton, but still lives through the power his rage gave him. There's also a story in an X-Men comic where the Juggernaut loses control and becomes so strong he literally punches through to other dimensions.

I think Juggernaut can top Thor in strength and durability most times, but Thor has a myriad of other abilities to call upon. I'm not sure if it was their first meeting or not, but early on Thor fought the Juggernaut. Unable to beat him through force, Thor opened a portal and dumped him in another dimension.

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This is a tough one, cause I kinda agree with the spirit of the Pro-Reg stance. While personal rights and liberties are top priority, there's no denying at just how much superpowers change the balance of the world. Knowing who is who and who can do what could save millions of lives.

The problem with Pro-Reg is in how they implemented it. They should have offered perks to heroes who signed up with the act instead of arresting those who didn't. Make it so attractive to be a member that most heroes would WANT to sign up.

The training of people to use their powers was botched as well. They weren't training the students to use their powers safely and responsibly; they were training them to be soldiers for the Initiative. It's fine if the person wants to be part of a hero team, but for someone like Cloud 9 who just wanted to fly to school instead of walking, that's unacceptable.

If I were a Marvel hero during the Civil War, I'd probably have been accepting of the Registration Act when I first heard about it; but when I saw how they were enforcing it, I'd have had to switch to neutrality or anti-reg. Probably neutrality since I didn't totally agree with how Cap and company handled their movement either.

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Sadly this is an impossible question to answer. Ideally, this would be a complex issue dealing with pacifism, strength, respect, fear, diplomacy, and force.

Unfortunately it seems to be playing out much like the Iron Man vs. Cap stuff in Civil War. Cyclops' motivations veer wildly between titles, bouncing between "harsh, but with a point" and "holier-than-thou douche".

Wolverine suffers the same fate and the whole thing leads to equally unbalanced opinions amidst the readers. Cyclops has some good points. Things are tough for mutants and sometimes you've got to get tough right back.

However, you also can't overlook the fact that his current direction is not in line with Xavier's peaceful aspirations.

Wolverine is trying to preserve that peaceful approach, but he's not exactly the best person for the job. That's another aspect of the situation that I wish they'd explore more. I agree that Logan isn't headmaster material, but that's also why I kinda like the idea. Seeing him try to fill those shoes because nobody else was stepping up to do it is an interesting situation.

Likewise, seeing Cyclops taking this new approach also sounds intriguing. Will his previous morals start making him second guess his actions? Will Emma still want a relationship with him? Will she like him more now, or will she find she prefers the boyscout Scott she originally fell for?

Sadly, none of this potential seems to be coming up. Scott and Wolverine are usually portrayed as either "right" or "wrong". Which is which varies on the series they're appearing in.

One thing I'll say is that Scott sure seems to love dancing about in front of everyone, giving speeches. Considering he gave his blessing to Wolverine's school, it's a little strange that he'd barge right onto their campus with an announcement that he KNOWS will set them off. You'd think he'd have a more subtle way to let the young mutants know he's starting his own school. As it is, he's coming off as a bit of a show-boater.

Personally, I'm not commiting to either side. I'll throw my lot in with Storm's upcoming team. Cause the mutant I trust the most is Jubilee. :)

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@thecowman: Don't forget Parker.

And of course, there's always Batman. Though he didn't have a wife, so he had to settle for child abuse.


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Se pratically "mind-rapped" Angel, this is unacceptable!!!

A mind-rap?

Sounds funky! :D

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PLEASE let Joker kill Orco.

Screw that!

I wanna see Orko take out Superman single-handedly!

Just for ****s and giggles.

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@chem86 said:

Dr. strange is cool, but ant-man(hank "wife beater" pym) gets a movie before deadpool that's just crazy...

Why not?

Mr. Fantastic got away with it.


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Well... I guess she doesn't look as greasy as she usually does.