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I've never had the problem with continuity that so many others seem to have. Whenever the discussion of Marvel/DC books comes up, continuity is almost always the go to negative that is given.

When I was young, I tended to just get whatever comic caught my eye. Sure, there were characters I liked that I would actively look for, but I'd pick up books at random just cause I liked the artwork or something.

There were always things going on that I didn't have the background on, but I don't remember it ever bothering me. If I liked the book I'd just file it away as "stuff-that-happened-before" and pick up the salient points through recaps or other sources (Wizard magazine, etc.)

Of course, once the internet began coming into it's own, finding out any plot points I was curious about became a non-issue. But even before that, the continuity never turned me off or frustrated me.

Then again, I've found as I've grown that I appear to be notoriously easy to amuse. So maybe I'm just being too easy on the whole thing.

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Luckily the comic and cartoon are both brilliant.

Otherwise I would be despairing over how bad this movie is looking to be.

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How 'bout a series about Damage Control?

It would allow for plenty of superhero cameos, but keep the budget down by focusing on the company that cleans up after the heroes' battles. Plenty of opportunity for humor and could offer a lighter counterpoint to the more action focused SHIELD series.

@xwraith said:

Because I've seen one idea for an animated Marvel show that I would watch the hell out of:

Squirrel Girl.

This would also be a FANTASTIC idea.

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I.... I just wanna read a comic about Harley Quinn?

Why won't DC put out any comics about Harley Quinn?

I keep seeing her name used, but it always ends up being some strange character obviously left over from the '90s.

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I'm going with "Too Close to Call".

Batman vs Taskmaster is on my list of awesomest, would-be battles. Taskmaster is one of my favorite characters, but Bats is no push over. Both men regularly take on opponents well above their level and win through skill and ingenuity. Who would defeat the other could all come down to one or two lucky hits.

It's unfortunate that Tasky has gotten a reputation as a jobber. One of the pitfalls of being a powerful character with not much popularity. It makes them an easy target for writers to use to show how tough THEIR character is. Juggernaut and Wolverine have done their fair share of taking a fall in the name of boosting their opponents' rep.

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Love the creative team.

Still hate her New52 look.

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Repetitive with a few good moments.

Yeah, sounds like your typical superhero budget title. Probably rent this first and buy later if I like it enough. I'm pretty easy to please, so low scores aren't a deal breaker for me.

Still think they should give the Saints Row team a shot at making a Deadpool game.

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Looks good.

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Doesn't look right without the S-curl.

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Eh, still can't get past "Stripper-Harley".

The two-toned hair and eye makeup are giving me terrible '90s flashbacks.