So You Wanna Join My Army?

Seeing as you have entered this thread you probably are wondering a few things

  • How did I get here?
  • Why am I here?
  • What kind of Army can this nincompoop hope to raise?
  • Whatever happened to the Orange Julius Store?

All these questions will be answered in good time, most likely on my Good time not your Good Time.

I will say that I am building an Army to combat the many enemies on this site. (You know who you are, you literate monsters.)

In this army you will learn the true meaning of Blood, Sweat and Tears in your Nylons. I can promise you two things a Medal and A Body Bag, whether or not these will come to use to you or not is an entirely different subject.

Our plan is to pillage the loins of many villages and empires through our mighty switchblades and nickel coated belt buckles.

Our Armor is Enchanted, Our Souls Are Pure, Swords A Flame, and Our Medication Untaken!!!!!!!!

So who is with me!?


@theacidskull @jokergeist @gumflabica @joygirl @samimista @thespideyguy @thefirstlantern @pyrogram @the_poet @god_spawn


Do you Like Pina Colada?

I had one Last Night while I was Caught in the rain.

I wanna know does anyone out there have half a brain?

Cause I'm The Lady You looked for.

Come with me and we'll sail away.


TCS Thread

So most if not all of youknow about my recent exploits of marriage and scandal, if not good for you, you're keeping your nose clean and out of the CV gutters.

This has made me insanely popular, or at least I think so, so I have large amounts of calls or meetings with Comicvine users, to many in fact to keep up with.\

I know how modest you all are so I took it upon myself to make this thread about me essentially, you can respect me, ask me questions, talk about how much you adore me. Or even sign up to be my next bride.

So is this a thinly veiled Arrogant as Hell respect thread for myself.

Yes, Yes it is.

Enjoy Comicvine.

Your Welcome









Help me tech mods D':

My inbox keeps getting flooded by comicvine notifacations but its my email not my comicvine inbox, my comicvine inbox is empty and all the updates are day late stuff


Who Should Take over Spidermans Body Next

Thats rights its time to play


We all know by now Otto is the new Peter if you didn't know that please go back outside and get some air and news for the rest of us.

Some of us know that Smythe tried to take over Peter recently.

So what Hero or Villan Should take over next?


And with the new site reboot....

Comes some big news!

I will be working on a story about a hero I am creating.

Some of you know that I love to write.

Actually none of you know that.

Anyway I 've been told my writings pretty good and I once won an award for a play and got it performed by actors .

Back on topic.

The Character should be here by next week, he is completely original ( to me.)

I plan on keeping it a mystery until next Friday. But I will leave you with this

" The press call me a hero, a vigilante, a criminal. They think I do this for them, to be a good citizen. They are wrong. I'm doing this for vengeance against the man, who left me for dead. Im doing this for vengeance. I'm doing this to show I am Superior.

Now I know none of you are chomping at the bit or even care but, that will soon change.*

*Probably not.

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