Here I Go On My Own....Again

Its time Ladies and Gentlemen and all imbetween; for I the magnificent Stabber to leave Comicvine. ( Well I leave Sunday I think , College stuff)

I have been here almost four years now and I suppose this is my final will and testament.

What can I say? I love this site I've made so many friends here and people I consider family...

(Goddamnit I'm tearing up in real life)

Well I'm not gonna mince words so here it goes My Will

To You TheAcidSkull my first husband I leave my heart and love knowing he'll take good care of it.

To Laflux I leave my Mini Fridge

ToAnimehunter I leave a Respect thread and knowledge he will do great things in the world

To G_man I wanna thank you for running and creating this site its been a home to me for a few years where I can go to escape my troubles. You have sealed a special place in my heart.

To The_Poet my true Father, to SC, and to Deranged Midget ...Thank you for letting me harass you so much

To ShadowX, Joygirl, and PunyParker...the best friends I've ever had on this site....I leave nothing because we still email all the time.

Now I know you are all wondering what about the Ban Hammer???!!!???? Well I feel its finally time to return it to its rightful owner, the King of All Mods The_Deathstroker!

For those of you I didn't mention just reply to me and I'll give you something.

So Comicvine a week left until I bid you adeu.

I love you guys....

Fine Print: K4tzm4n Gets a well earned puppy


Worst Ideas For Threads

What are some threads you think about creating but know they'll never end well.

Or what have you seen.

I was told by a friend about how he wants to make a Kim Jung Family/North Korea Respect Thread ;ooo

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Animehunter Respect Thread

PunyParker andI decided he needed one. He does soooo much for Spidey fans here.

Only thing is he never jokes, laughs or smiles. So this thread better make him smile!