Hey gang

Highschool has kept me busy (newspaper editor). Been a while since I logged on. Wow, the level up thing is really cool. Happy to be back. :)

BTW I just read Volume 1 of Battlefields. It was fantastic. War comic fans should check it out.


Just read Old Man Logan

I just got Old man Logan in the mail from my uncle. Now I'm more of a DC person, but I gotta say I think Old Man Logan is one of the best comic stories of the decade, right up there with New Frontier. I mean....wow....just wow. 
That image of the people praying at Thor's Hammer gave me chills.


Thoughts on Manga fans, and my time among them

I have recently joined a local manga/anime club, in which every Wednesday I’ve been spending a good bit of time with “anime people”. Now, I love anime (I would not have joined if I didn’t) but don’t really consider myself an “anime person”.   It is a sub-culture, not unlike comic fandom. It’s just so interesting seeing the differences and similarities between the comic and manga crowd.   Here are some of the things I’ve noted:

·          Anime/Manga people are extremely touchy grabby. Hugs are just how you say hello, and to be honest it makes me very uncomfortable. They are all really amazing people, but in my head I’m screaming don’t touch me.   I guess it’s just one of those things. As I told my friend, “You try that s**t in a comic shop and they’ll kick your ass out.”

·          What’s really great is that the manga/anime crowd embraces both male and female fans. Now I can talk comics with guys and gals at the shop, and totally feel part of the gang. However every so often I chat up some gentleman browsing the shelves, and get that “what the hell is a girl doing in here” look, followed by the infinitely annoying “You read comics?”

·          Manga fans are not as elitist as us, and are more inclined to welcome new fans with open arms (literally).

·          Manga fans are (perverts) very comfortable with explicitly sexual material.

·          It’s all about a love for the art! That’s the number one thing that comic and manga fans share. Capes or big eyes, it doesn’t matter. It’s the fan love that’s keeps it alive.




I always thought that Gotham Central would make a great tv show. 


The Series Finale of King of the Hill.


I loved this show. Its been on since 1996, and I've seen every episode. Its the type of show thats funny and clever, but still has a nice sense of family.  
I've grown to love these characters, even more so than the Simpsons (don't shoot me.)The last scene at the end got me all misty eyed, gives a nice conclusion yet still looks towards the future.  
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Whatever happened to Cartoon Network?


            For those of you who don’t know, I’m a big cartoon freak as well as a comic geek.
Cartoon Network is starting a new programming block called CN Real, which will feature reality shows. I know what you’re thinking. It’s just a programming block. It’s not like the whole network is changing.

      Yes it is. Cartoon Network has been working towards live action projects for a good bit now, and while this has been happening, the actual cartoons have been
 sub-par.  That’s not to say that Brave and Bold, Clone Wars, and Chowder aren’t phenomenal shows, but the majority of the programming is just lame, and sadly   Chowder may not be picked up for another season.

   This is like the cartoon equivalent of MTV not showing music videos. It makes me miss the good old days with Dexter’s Lab, Powerpuff Girls, and Samurai Jack.

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