The Conjuring - TheAcidSkull's Review

The Conjuring - A Review By TheAcidSkull

Before I get to Reviewing This i'd like to say a few things about Horror Films. For one Thing, i am Not easily scared, it takes a bit more to scare the hell out of me anymore , the movie has to be seriously physiological to really make me think and analyze what i had just seen, or to have me say "what the Hell did i just F*cking watch?" ( in the good way). Slasher films are only funny to me nowadays, and i rarely consider them horror flicks anymore, and most horror movies don't really SCARE you , it's just, well...Mindless core? yeah i guess that be an accurate description, throw in some nudity in their, a Huge guy with an axe and you have a horror film, or just get a haunted house and have some shitty unexplained ending. The conjuring Surprised me i have to say.

She's Watching You, That is, When you sleep
She's Watching You, That is, When you sleep

The Plot is really Simple. an Family Moves into a new House , and due to the fact that the house had some seriously bad events take place in it, it's haunted. Cliche i know, but i'll get to that.

Before i get to the Horror aspects i'd like to mention some interesting things about what the movie brings to the viewers. First of, The acting was good, and i mean seriously good, which in horror movies, is really rare , most of the time they stick in really attractive people who just can't seem to act. a good example would be Texas Chainsaw 3D, it only had hot people in it, but the acting itself was really, really bad. Here on the other hand , it's actually pretty good, Even the Kid actors, which as you may know isn't really common. When they get scared you actually buy it and go" Wow, poor kid" , because it is believable. But my favorite Part was the Couple who investigated in the Abnormal activities. Partick Wilson( Owlman from The Watchmen) does a great job with his character, in fact he was the best part about the movie, but what i really liked about him and his wife was the simple fact that they weren't one of thous Crazy people who go around and say " did you say you heard some noise in the Attic? Mhh yup definitely haunted. could have Been a rat you say? Nope, Haunted. Shut up, were're the experts!", in fact, they go to these events trying to find logical explanations for what had taken place. So When they DO say that " You guys have some serious Problems", it actually comes across as something we could believe in.

Moreover, this Movie plays with you. What i mean is that there are a lot of moments when the Viewer expects something to happen. You know that moment when you're like " Oh nononononononononono, STOP RIGHT THERE, something is going to happen, OH Sh*T here it comes!......huh...nothing". there are a lot of these moments, so when the jump scare does Come up you seriously jump out of your seat. The people at the Cinema were terrified. The movie needs some time to kick in, but that's actually a good thing, the build up is good and the suspense keeps you interested. I Am Glad that this movie takes itself seriously.

i can't say more without spoiling to much but i will say this. was This an original fresh Movie? no it was not, in fact it's really predictable at times, is it good though? yes it is a very good movie. Because i know that some people will be jumpy after it, and while i personally wasn't really scared rather than just surprised at how well it was made ( which to Be fair was because i just don't see anything scary in something i've been told or seen on the news before, and i was with my friends and spent most of my time laughing at their reactions). this Movie manages to do one thing, it gets you interested with it's plot and character, and it has many scenes where you go " OH SH*t". You know how you hear many sounds at your house? maybe it was a pipe or something else, and you don't pay attention to it, but when you watch this you'll definitely say" THAT WASN'T THERE BEFORE!"( yeah it was).

Over all 8/10 because it was well made and directed. The score might seem to high but when was the last GOOD horror movie was directed? Can't Name it can you? ( I haven't watched Sinister Yet so i might be wrong)

So if you want to scare a Girl into your arms (or for all you girls out there, if you have a boyfriend who gets scared easily) take them to this movie , they will be at your Mercy haha.

so what you'd Think of This Movie? was it Good? Bad? or was It To Cliche for your Taste?