More Duck Tales / Darkwing Duck Crossover News!

Few weeks ago, I reported about the whole new Duck Tales/Darkwing Crossover and told a bit about the history between Scrooge and Drake Mallard (alias Darkwing Duck).
I shared pics of the Duck Tales #5 with so many different disney-duckverse Characters.
Now, this week, I bring you an update. Now on Darkwing Duck #18. Boom! hasn't released any photos or descriptions, so its not official, but on James Silvani's webpage page, which was just redone, there are lots of covers. Below you can see the cover of interest, called "DW18". Darkwing Duck #18: 

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In the black stuff you can see (left to right:) Launchpad, Darkwing and Scrooge McDuck. and Jumping out of the stuff is superhero Gizmo Duck!
Gosmo Duck!
Gosmo Duck!
  For those who don't know, Gizmo Duck has been missing from Disney Comics for a year now. 
Taurus Bulba
(a darkwing Duck Villain) had tried to steal the Gizmo Duck Suit in the Duck Knight Returns, so the password had been changed, leaving the question where Fenton Crackshell (the owner of the suit) was. Gosalyn Waddlemeyer, Darkwing's adopted daughter had gotten the suit and had become Gosmo Duck, which was fun while it lasted. However, due to some damage by a Werewolf Darkwing alternate in Crisis on infinite Darkwings (lots of Darkwings of the Multiverse running around then), the suit was broken and Gos quickly went onto a more familar personae. 
However, with this cover, we can tell that Gizmo Duck has some how returned. Perhaps Gyro Gearloose has repaired it, or they just had a spare. No matter the way he has returned, with Darkwing, Scrooge and Gizmo on the cover of this issue, then it must be something (to barrow a Darkwing Duck word) "Dangerous!"
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