Ladies and Gentlemen: A New Sherriff is in Town

So, just a few minutes ago I was checking my inbox for messages and I saw something from Babs. It was titled "Moderator Nomination". Now, I clicked on it and promtly had a coughing fit. I was nominated to be a moderator.

Its now been several minutes and yet my hands are still shaking. I thought I should annouce my new appointment to the community and what better way was to drag up a list I made a year ago on one of the many "how to become a Moderator" threads. Now, keep in mind I only figured it would be a joke:

How to become a Moderator for Dummies:

  • Possibility #1: Sell your soul to Aztek the Lost (that always works if you want something...especially a hamburger!)
  • Possibility #2: Hire Al Pacino as a hit-man ("Say Hello to my little friend, G-man!")
  • Possibility #3: Travel back in time to the old west of San Fransisco and write a letter to be delivered to Red L.A.M.P. the same day you left, instructing him to make _____ [insert username here] a moderator
  • Possibility #4: uh...Hack the system! (ever wonder what really happened when Comicvine was down? MAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)
  • Possibility #6: Steal G-man's draft for the Off My Mind Segment and don't give it back until he agrees to make you a moderator
  • Possibility #7: Hard work and dedication to the site....but what fun is that?
  • Possibility #8: When creating an account, put your name as "inferiorego_is_the_Greatest" and write on a certain staff person's wall
  • Possibility #9: Agree to introduce Babs to Namor

And Finally, Possiblity #10: Make a list of possibilities and "purposely" skip Possiblity #5

Ladies and gentlemen of the community! I give you the newest moderator on the site! boy...that is so amazing to say...Thanks to all who have supported me in the past...To the future! (*jumps up and punches the air*) HUZAH! (*lightening comes down and the ordinary poet is transformed into a moderator*).