I Think I Might Be a Curse

Whenever I really REALLY like a comic it seems to get cancelled. Or at least in 2011 it seems to be the case. 
Azrael and Streets of Gotham were among my favorite of my favorites comic series and they both got cancelled in one fell swoop. Hell, I adored Batman Confidential for just one issue and it got cancelled at the same time. Now Outsiders is getting the axe too? 
So Batman Beyond, Batman and Robin, Red Robin, and Green Arrow; all of you guys watch your backs this year. 
Generation Lost, you're fine since you had a set length from the beginning.
On another note: GOD 
EDIT: I'm sorry guys…. Doom Patrol is ending in May as well…. 
(But It might not be just me, since R.E.B.E.L.S., Freedom FIghters, and JSA All-Stars are also ending in may, and I never read any of them. Well Ok, I read and enjoyed the first issue of Freedom Fighters, but other than that, no.)